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New Plymouth: wormy worms

I have a larger cadre of worm helpers that do not mind translocating to seed more of their kind in your garden/compost/worm farm... Bring your own l/m/s container and you can get some...and I can give tips if needed...

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Hāwera - Seed planting

Join me to plant seeds for Autumn and Winter crops and take them home with you, or trade time for me to care for the seedling until they're ready to plant into YOUR garden. Michelle

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Hawera - Worm-Farm Worms

Do you need worms to start a worm-farm? I have a worm-farm and they are making babies :-) You can just bring a container e.g. ice-cream container and take some home, they will populate your worm-house depending on how much you feed them. I can also give you instructions on setting up your worm farm to work well. 1/2 hour for a container, more if you want to chat/design a worm farm of your own.  Michelle

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Kakaramea - Teaching how to sharpen a chainsaw

I have a lot of experience with chainsaws and would be happy to show you how to do it effectively.

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Kaeo - Garden Mulch Hay

Cleaned out the barn Last year's spray free musty hay Good for mulch

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Kaeo - Bag of saw dust

Kia ora, This is for Kaeo peeps as I sometimes go to Mt. Pokaka and get some bags at a time. Saw dust is great for compost/mulch/chicken bedding etc etc. If you'd like me to put your name on one that I collect and pick it up in Kāeo we can organize. Would also consider traiding for lemons 😉

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Kaitaia - lessons on how to make EM1 - bokashi starter

I make my own and am willing to teach others how to make your own starter from rice water and milk. Phone me for more information.

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Kaitaia - lessons on how to build/set up worm farms or bokashi bins

Hi, I love my garden and am passionate about passing on knowledge on resilience and self sustainability and hence am offering to help others learn how to build/set up worm farms or bokashi bins. Please ring me for further information.

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Kaitaia - vermivast available

I have vermicast available. Please bring your own 2lt container in exchange for 2 time credits. Please phone me as I am visually challenged.

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Kaitaia - Tiger worms available

I have worms available, bring your own 2lt container in exchange for 2 time credits. Please phone me as I am visually challenged.

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Tree removal

If you have a small tree that you don't want I can cut it down for you. Anything upto about 5m tall depending on location.

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Multi tasker

I have been living in Whangaroa and Bay of Islands for over 7 years, and have now made it my forever home. Full of natural beauty and a real community spirit. I offer myself, someone to go on meditation walks, a person to talk about their grand ideas and how they can manifest them. I teach you how to use Interactive drawing to listen to your subconscious, bringing out creativity,,and inspiration to problem-solving through life projects or setting up new initiatives I love growing healing herbs, making natural remedies, and offering energy healing. I like to volunteer in community events and initiatives, to meet new people with shared values and bring connection.

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Pruning Fruit Trees

I am experienced  in most varieties of fruit trees to make good crops. I have my own tools. Happy to teach you as I go.

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Peening your scythe

I got a peening jig and can make your old scythe cut those tough grasses again.

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tool sharpening

Remember how easy it was cutting the roses when you got that secateur? I can sharpen your garden tools: clippers, scissors, loppers, shredder blades, shovels, spades, etc. I'm afraid I don't have the tools to sharpen saws, though.

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Street / Park Clean Ups

Does your street need a tidy up - with rubbish or overgrown-ness?  We have some members who are very good at picking up rubbish and tidying up local areas, because we are keen to support others and ensure that rubbish doesn't end up in the sea.  Let us know if you need a rubbish pick up in your street, local park or another street you know of. We are willing to help already organised cleanups or generate a working bee to help out.

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Food foraging garden / Wood mulch gardening

Happy to teach about my wood mulch gardening and edible foraging systems.

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