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Mobile Facials with Dr. Jess-Back2You

Hello,  I’m Dr. Jess and I am working as a locum family doctor or GP in the Taranaki region. Outside of that, I am building an in home business with a focus on home, health and Wellness, skincare. If you are in the market for a pampering session, will come to you to do an in home skin consult and facial, lasting about an hour. I come with my own products (with option to buy if desired) and would ask if you can provide a jug for hot water, a clean face and be ready to rest, recuperate and enjoy your glowing skin!!

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Kombucha making lesson including a scoby

Learn how to make delicious home brew kombucha and receive a scoby starter to get you brewing. Samples of finished product provided as part of the lesson. I will come to you if it's not too far. Kombucha is a healthy addition to your well being. All fermented foods help the digestive system and even contribute vitamin B. They are a nice,  very low sugar fizzy drink when brewed properly.  

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Help create a dairy free vegetarian kitchen including recipes

I can assist you making the transition to gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian/vegan cooking by suggesting what to stock in your kitchen. Will include recipes for scones, lemon curd, veggie loaf and more.

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Ahipara - Scoby for Kombucha making

Culture for Kombucha making (scoby). Beautiful taste. Quite big so would suit bigger type jar. I can provide an instruction sheet if necessary.

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Ahipara - Organic rye sourdough starter

Organic rye sourdough starter to make you own sourdough bread. Can provide recipe to go with it.

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Milk Kefir grains

I have some milk kefir grains that I have had for about a month now. I bought them online and have been using them with raw milk from biologically farmed cows. Every few weeks I have too many grains (as it grows). So when requested I may not have some to give straight away. I live in Dargaville, and can do post or pick ups.  This is where I got them from -

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Allergy Friendly Food Advise

I've been navigating allergy friendly cooking/baking since my son was 3 months old and developed eczema which was related to food allergies/intolerances. This prompted me to investigate thoroughly diet and food and the impacts it can have, and working out how to make tasty, amazing food with substitutes! I'm willing to share my recipes, ideas, experiences and tips for cooking gluten free, dairy free, nut free, refined sugar free, egg free (though that is no longer a problem for us now) and anything else free that you can think of! Bread, cake, muffins, brownies, pancakes, hot cross buns, pizza bases, savoury muffins, crackers and lots more.  If you've been struggling with food intolerances and allergies, you are not alone! I am also willing to do some baking for you if you prefer not to do it yourself and have an event coming: provided I get plenty of notice and there is some way to easily get it to you :)  I am based in Towai so happy to come to you and help with baking if you are in Kaikohe/Kerikeri/Whangarei or that kind of distance from Kawakawa. Otherwise I am happy to email my recipes if you prefer to try them yourself 

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Health coaching, specialising in Diabetes T1 & T2 Fatigue & autoimmune disorders

If you have a chronic health condition I use a highly successful model for managing your journey to healing and wellness. I've lived with multiple chronic illnesses over the years and have lived the practices which I teach. The Integral model offers the broadest possible view of illness/wellness which means tapping into both inner and external resources, multiple healing modalities, support systems in the community and offered through various systems and can be used to address any illness. The potential for wellness is huge. It is all pretty simple and can be done according to each person's capacity. I work using the Zoom platform so no travel needed. 

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Sauerkraut making

I can show you how to make this  delicious healthfood from cabbage Come and make it, or watch. It's fun to work together. Allow 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Bring a cabbage, about 1 kg or more, pink salt, chopping board, knife, wooden spoon, 1 litre jar and lid.

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Help and support offered for when you have a premature baby

When the baby arrives way sooner than expected this can turn your whole life upside down. My youngest daughter arrived as  a 4 month preemie now 24 years ago. I had 3 other small children who all came the normal way at healthy 8+ pounders. So I have first hand experience what it feels like when you're suddenly faced with all that comes with premature babies! Happy to be of support and for you to pick my brain on what I found to be useful, it can be a daunting journey!    

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Guidance on Plant based food - Inglewood

Would you like to include more plant based foods in your diet? Are you not sure where to start? Do you have allergies or intolerances in your home? In these sessions I will show you how you can simply and affordably incorporate more plant based foods in your life. We go through a basic shopping list, pantry swaps, ideas for fussy eaters, how to start and cover tips for allergies and intolerances.   

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Whole food cooking - can teach with dairy-free, grain-free, refined sugar-free, vegan, raw, garden to plate

I like to create, cook and experiment with real food, whilst making things simple and achievable for people to do in their own homes. My style is whole food, plant based, seasonal garden to plate. I can help those with allergies, health conditions or just folk who like tasty nutritious food!  

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Food foraging garden / Wood mulch gardening

Happy to teach about my wood mulch gardening and edible foraging systems.

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Gardening - Organic

Only interested in ORGANIC Gardening. Preparing vegetable garden. Work with compost when it is available. Launching with some basic winter seeds.  (Not yard work). 

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