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Mobile Facials with Dr. Jess-Back2You

Hello,  I’m Dr. Jess and I am working as a locum family doctor or GP in the Taranaki region. Outside of that, I am building an in home business with a focus on home, health and Wellness, skincare. If you are in the market for a pampering session, will come to you to do an in home skin consult and facial, lasting about an hour. I come with my own products (with option to buy if desired) and would ask if you can provide a jug for hot water, a clean face and be ready to rest, recuperate and enjoy your glowing skin!!

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Whangarei - Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy ~ Ecotherapy ~ Astrology ~ Reiki

My name is MuiLeng Goh from Soul Nectar: I’m a trauma-informed therapist and practise Hakomi mindful body-based psychotherapy ( I support you to live an embodied, meaningful & whole-hearted life. Based on the Tutukaka coast, I offer one-to-one sessions & workshops locally, in Whangarei, Auckland & online to support your path to wholeness. My modalities are: • Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy - Assisted self-study & understanding, unfolding empowerment & aliveness • Ecotherapy - Hakomi in nature with Papatūānuku, Mother Nature as co-therapist • Astrology - Listening to the language of planetary cycles, weaving Hakomi psychotherapy in to experience this in your mind-body, heart & soul • Reiki - Hands on (or off if requested) universal energy healing Exchange: 1 time bank credit per 1 hour session + $40. *Fee can be negotiated depending on your financial circumstances. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Health & Wellbeing resilience Counselling

Health coaching, specialising in Diabetes T1 & T2 Fatigue & autoimmune disorders

If you have a chronic health condition I use a highly successful model for managing your journey to healing and wellness. I've lived with multiple chronic illnesses over the years and have lived the practices which I teach. The Integral model offers the broadest possible view of illness/wellness which means tapping into both inner and external resources, multiple healing modalities, support systems in the community and offered through various systems and can be used to address any illness. The potential for wellness is huge. It is all pretty simple and can be done according to each person's capacity. I work using the Zoom platform so no travel needed. 

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Project Support

Available to facilitate goal achievement via mentoring, coaching or simply sounding boarding.

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Do you need someone to talk things over with? I'm available to provide a listening ear.

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Need some positivity, feeling unmotivated, Need a pick me up?

As an ex nurse I love helping people, I love empowering people with my positivity and keeping my glass half full.  If you need a bit of positivity and want to meet for a cuppa/walk or chat then let me know. I guarantee I'll help you feel more energised and positive.

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