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Hāwera: Relaxing hand and foot massage

Do you suffer from sore feet or cold hands?  Massage helps alleviate tension and improves circulation. I'm an experienced ammature whose foot massages have been popular among my friends for decades. Give your sore paws or tired tootsies a treat. I can also massage necks. Although I'm Hāwera based I can travel if I can work several trades or appointments into the same trip.

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In home facial

Hello,  I’m Jess and I am working as a locum family doctor or GP in the Taranaki region. Outside of that, I am building an in home business with a focus on skincare and nutrition. If you are in the need for a pampering session, would be happy to come to you to do an in home skin consult and facial, lasting about an hour. I come with my own products (with option to buy if desired) and would ask if you provide a jug for hot water. 

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Online or Hāwera: Havening (Trauma/Phobia Release) Sessions

It is possible to effortlessly erase traumatic memories, phobias, triggering emotions that have been encoded in the brain - and one method is Havening Techniques. You can ready about it here: or watch this video: []. I am offering in-person (South Taranaki) or online sessions as I study to become a certified practitioner. Havening Techniques are gentle touch techniques that can be administered by the individual or me, the practitioner. I am required to complete 30 cases as part of my certification process. I am getting fabulous results in sessions without people having to describe in detail what happened to them, and Havening can work where there are strong triggers but no specific event remembered. I have had 15 years experience as a certified wellness practitioner in many modalities so I am very experienced and at ease working with clients about physical, mental, spiritual and emotional issues. Anything you share will be kept in the strictest confidence, and with Havening  - it is not talk therapy so you will not need to go into great detail to be able to erase stress or trauma.  You would be under no obligation to take part in any further sessions, and can withdraw from the session at any time.  Sessions take 40-60 minutes including me explaining how the techniques and a short exploration of what you wish to clear. I am available mainly in evenings and weekends but could do some sessions during the day. I occasionally am in NP so there is potential to do in-person sessions if you wish to wait. Sessions are very effective via Zoom. I will take some notes to share as a case study but no names are shared with my supervisor.  I've experienced profound shifts from Havening sessions and look forward to introducing Havening Techniques with you!  Patina    

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Biomagnetism treatments

I'd like to offer biomagnetism treatments. This non-invasive therapy consists of using muscle testing to detect imbalances in the body. Magnets are then applied to specific points for varying lengths of time to help the body return to homeostasis. This therapy was developed by Mexican doctor Dr Isaac Goiz and has been known to be effective for all sorts of health conditions and alments.  Contra indications are pregnancy and where electrical devices have been placed in the body (such as a pacemaker.) Otherwise it is safe to use with all medications and conventional treatments.  A treatment takes about 90mins.

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Laughter yoga sessions online or Workshop/Meeting Ice Breakers

I am a certified Laughter Yoga coach with 5+ years of experience. I don't offer it professionally but would like to play with (30 min) sessions online for individuals (or in-person in South Taranaki), or I can do a 10-30 minute ice breaker session for your meeting, hui or conference. I did an off the cuff session for a head office government meeting in Wellington last year and the participants raved about the session all day. It's a fun way to easily create report and connection and change the energy in a group.  Let's have a laugh!   Can deliver in Te Reo Māori or bilingually.  If you are not based in Sth Taranaki, I'd be grateful for either a ride share or a koha toward travel costs.  

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Help and support offered for when you have a premature baby

When the baby arrives way sooner than expected this can turn your whole life upside down. My youngest daughter arrived as  a 4 month preemie now 24 years ago. I had 3 other small children who all came the normal way at healthy 8+ pounders. So I have first hand experience what it feels like when you're suddenly faced with all that comes with premature babies! Happy to be of support and for you to pick my brain on what I found to be useful, it can be a daunting journey!    

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Bowen Technique- Hawera

I am offering a free first session with the Bowen Technique and subsequent sessions at half the usual price for TimeBankers, which is $25 instead of $50. In case you are not familiar with what the Bowen Technique is and what it does here's a brief explanation: Bowen Therapy Bowen Therapy is a light touch therapy that works on specific points on the body, thus stimulating the body's own healing mechanism, activating the immune system and addressing issues around circulation and assists in re-aligment of the body. This extra-ordinary healing modality which Tom Bowen developed in the 60's achieved unprecedented international acclaim due to of it's often instantaneous and lasting results. During a treatment people experience a deep state of relaxation and it is common for people to fall asleep while their body is in healing mode. After a treatment problems that can range from recently sustained injuries to chronic aches or pains significantly diminish or completely disappeared. Feelings of clarity and improved energy, increased libido, better co-ordination, reduced pain and swelling are commonly reported I trained in the UK in 1993 and have practiced since. I also trained in Equine Bowen Therapy and am able to help with horses and other animals. There is a different rate for horses and dogs, but happy to do half price rate for horse $50 and $25 for dog.. Because I have to come out for horses travel expenses need to be covered by  horse/dog owner. This is a standalone offer for TimeBank hours that carries no expectation or obligation for follow-up treatments or services.  Members interested in further treatments or sessions beyond this one time offer, can make arrangements with the provider outside of TimeBank trades. If the recipient feels pressured, at any point, to take up paid services, they are to contact the main coordinator immediately. If a service provider wants reimbursement for expenses or supplies, that must be clearly communicated in the offer, and agreed upon, BEFOREHAND.    

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South Taranaki and beyond: Access Bars Stress Relief Sessions

Receive a 60/90 min Access Bars treatment for anxiety relief, relaxation, to lighten up, sleep better and gain greater clarity and awareness.  The Bars are 32 unique points on the head that correlate to different areas and aspects of life. During an Access Bars session, a I'll gently touch these points to release the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that may have limited you in the concerned life areas.  Learn more about The Bars at I would prefer to come to you (I have a zero gravity chair) or we could use a room at the South Taranaki Whānau Centre on Disraeli Street, Hāwera for a small fee.  I have been training people to become Access Bars practitioners for the past decade. I don't usually offer private Bars sessions as I'm more focused on group training and individual life coaching/facilitation so I thought it would be a fun thing to offer to our TimeBank community. If you want to learn the process I am happy to provide information but you won't be subjected to a sales pitch.     I move around Taranaki (and nationally) a lot for work so if you are not in South Taranaki, it's still possible that I could offer you a session. Contact me and let's see what's possible.   

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