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Holistic Healing Services for your Spirit, Body/Mind and Soul©

Kia Ora, my Name is Sandra and I am passionate about CHI or Life-Force-Energy and vibrational Healing and work on a very deep Level with my Clients. Through merging my innate abilities and the tools I have learned in around 25 years, I can assist you to discover for yourself, that the only limitation is the perception of your possibilities, and that YOU CAN CHANGE THEM. I help People to deeply relax, clear Stress, ease Pain, overcome Limitations, Stuckness, Habits, heal old wounds and be more at ease with Trauma & built stepping stones to their desired outcome💞. I offer gentle holistic vibrational remote or in person healing modalities, that connect you deeper within, so you receive more inner guidance and clarity about YOUR next step, feel calm and grounded, more at ease with things, have more Energy and feel empowered and are able to transform from within to the best version of yourself that is in alignment with your Being and with actioning that you also transform your life! I work either in Person or online by Appointment. Get in touch to request a booking or a free 15 minute Connection call. Message me on Telegram or WhatsApp: @SpiritofNatureandSoul More Info and Social Connections: To make it more affordable for locals who struggle financially at this time, I offer 60 minutes Energy Healings or Soul Coaching for $55 and 2 Timecredits. Refer to this with "Timebank"

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