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TOM New Plymouth - Sourdough bread, freshly made for you

If you love Sourdough I love making it and can make a delicious Sourdough loaf for you, approx 500g loaf for 1.5 hours

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy - New Plymouth

I have committed to 12 months of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and am offering a 1 hour session for 2 timebank hours . there will be an $8 charge for your own canula or mask depending on what you prefer. Further sessions will be available pre booked and prepaid for one hour at the very low cost of $30. If this is something of interest to you do some research online some amazing stuff can happen :) i myself have noticed a marked improvement in my health and my chamber has become part of my everyday life.

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New Plymouth- Knitting and crocheting workshops
Group offer

Workshop once a month every third Saturday. I am accomplished in knitting and crocheting and would love to share this skill with anyone wanting to learn. Let me know if anyone is interested

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New Plymouth: Cycling around town with you to build your confidence!

I've been cycling pretty much every day for the past 5 years. 3.5 years in Wellington and about 1.5 years in New Plymouth! :) Happy to spend some time with you to show you the best way to cycle around town. Maybe from your neighbourhood to town or to your workplace! Pretty much anywhere you would like to go! :)

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New Plymouth; Natural Movement coaching

Would you love to create a stronger, more resilient body that is capable of doing what you love (gardening, traveling, hiking, cycling, dancing!?) and keep on doing those activities well into your old age? Movement is essential for health - exercise is not! Don't accept what everyone tells you that aches and pains are inevitable. Whether you're 28 or 68, moving more in ways that bring you joy, is so important in this day and age when technology has eliminated so much of the need to move. Create strength and fitness while strengthening your connection with your natural environment and community, by incorporating movement into your day. A little bit about me: I'm a postgrad student studying exercise physiology, and I've worked with clients from 18 through to 68. I love being outdoors, I love to climb and hike. I'm New Plymouth based.

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New Plymouth: Crochet

I can crochet keychains such as, mushroom lipbalm holders, birds and sea creatures. I can also crochet larger stuffed animals by request.

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New Plymouth errands using my bike! :)

Kia ora! If you have some difficulties getting around town, I'm happy to run some errands for you with my bike! My only requirement is I have limited space on my front rack. I can pick up about a big shopping bag. It would be also ideal to pick up vegetarian friendly-food! :) Get in touch if I can help!

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