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New Plymouth: wormy worms

I have a larger cadre of worm helpers that do not mind translocating to seed more of their kind in your garden/compost/worm farm... Bring your own l/m/s container and you can get some...and I can give tips if needed...

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Hāwera - Seed planting

Join me to plant seeds for Autumn and Winter crops and take them home with you, or trade time for me to care for the seedling until they're ready to plant into YOUR garden. Michelle

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Hawera - Worm-Farm Worms

Do you need worms to start a worm-farm? I have a worm-farm and they are making babies :-) You can just bring a container e.g. ice-cream container and take some home, they will populate your worm-house depending on how much you feed them. I can also give you instructions on setting up your worm farm to work well. 1/2 hour for a container, more if you want to chat/design a worm farm of your own.  Michelle

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2nds Vegetables - Hāwera

If you are keen for larger amounts of seconds vegetables and are able to come and harvest and/or pick up from the farm, get in touch. Current excess veges: Beans, courgettes and often there are leafy greens with holes that are still perfectly fine to eat.

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Hawera- Use of battery operated hedge trimmer

Hi, I have a Makita 18v hedge trimmer that you can use for 1 hour credit for a day's use. Battery will be fully charged. Makita battery charger available if needed for an extra 1 hour credit per day. Pick up is Hawera. Jo

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