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Hāwera - Errands and pickups around town

Happy to collect your grocery shopping or take you to the store or an appointment. Available Monday-Wednesday-Thursday school hours 9:00am- 2:00pm.

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Hāwera - Jars for sauce, relish and jam

I have a box of sauce jars - some wider mouthed that had pasta sauce in and some more traditional. Also 14 jam jars. Am in Hawera and could drop off locally, if you have no transport.

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Transport to and from any medical centre in Hawera

If anyone is needing a lift to and from any medical center within Hawera let me know, I don't mind waiting. A text or call the day before would be appreciated. I'm reliable, I hold a full license and my car has a current WOF. 02041465605

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TOM Hāwera: Learn to make preserves including for diabetics

For many years I have made pickles and bottled fruit for diabetics. Let me show you how to make sugar-free preserves that taste wonderful. You choose what you want to learn, purchase the ingredients and I'll come to your place and work with you to make the preserves. I can also show you how to make non-diabetic preserves too. I prefer day time, mornings are easier. Linda.

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TOM 2nds Vegetables available for eating or feeding to animals - Hāwera

If you are keen for larger amounts of seconds vegetables and are able to come and harvest and/or pick up from the farm, get in touch. Current excess veges: there are leafy greens with holes that are still perfectly fine to eat.

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