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Hāwera - Breastfeeding Support: Phone Text or 1 to 1 support in person

I have completed a course in breastfeeding peer support, and have been breastfeeding all 4 of my own children. Happy to chat to you and support you in any way. If anything is above my knowledge and training, I have contacts with further knowledge whom I can talk to or get to visit you all free of $.

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Hāwera - Jars for sauce, relish and jam

I have a box of sauce jars - some wider mouthed that had pasta sauce in and some more traditional. Also 14 jam jars. Am in Hawera and could drop off locally, if you have no transport.

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TOM New Plymouth - Sourdough bread, freshly made for you

If you love Sourdough I love making it and can make a delicious Sourdough loaf for you, approx 500g loaf for 1.5 hours

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TOM Hāwera: Learn to make preserves including for diabetics

For many years I have made pickles and bottled fruit for diabetics. Let me show you how to make sugar-free preserves that taste wonderful. You choose what you want to learn, purchase the ingredients and I'll come to your place and work with you to make the preserves. I can also show you how to make non-diabetic preserves too. I prefer day time, mornings are easier. Linda.

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TOM 2nds Vegetables available for eating or feeding to animals - Hāwera

If you are keen for larger amounts of seconds vegetables and are able to come and harvest and/or pick up from the farm, get in touch. Current excess veges: there are leafy greens with holes that are still perfectly fine to eat.

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New Plymouth - Sourdough bread, freshly made for you

im loving making sour dough and can make a loaf for you, aprox 500g loaf for 1.5 hours

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Hawera - Kitchen skills; Kimchi & Sauerkraut making

I love making fermented foods especially kimchi and sauerkraut. I like helping others to do this too.

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Kakaramea - Learn about wild greens for eating, especially juicing

There's lot of "weeds" on our property, we don't want to get rid of them though! They are fantastic nutrient power houses. Get in touch and we'll set up a time for me to show you how to identify my favorite plants and how to use them.

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