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Health & Wellbeing


Health & Wellbeing

Kombucha making lesson including a scoby

Learn how to make delicious home brew kombucha and receive a scoby starter to get you brewing. Samples of finished product provided as part of the lesson. I will come to you if it's not too far. Kombucha is a healthy addition to your well being. All fermented foods help the digestive system and even contribute vitamin B. They are a nice,  very low sugar fizzy drink when brewed properly.  

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Help create a dairy free vegetarian kitchen including recipes

I can assist you making the transition to gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian/vegan cooking by suggesting what to stock in your kitchen. Will include recipes for scones, lemon curd, veggie loaf and more.

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Biomagnetism treatments

I'd like to offer biomagnetism treatments. This non-invasive therapy consists of using muscle testing to detect imbalances in the body. Magnets are then applied to specific points for varying lengths of time to help the body return to homeostasis. This therapy was developed by Mexican doctor Dr Isaac Goiz and has been known to be effective for all sorts of health conditions and alments.  Contra indications are pregnancy and where electrical devices have been placed in the body (such as a pacemaker.) Otherwise it is safe to use with all medications and conventional treatments.  A treatment takes about 90mins.

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Milk Kefir grains

I have some milk kefir grains that I have had for about a month now. I bought them online and have been using them with raw milk from biologically farmed cows. Every few weeks I have too many grains (as it grows). So when requested I may not have some to give straight away. I live in Dargaville, and can do post or pick ups.  This is where I got them from -

Health & Wellbeing Health & Wellbeing Diet & Nutrition

Kombucha making support

Can supply SCOBYs and offer lessons/ advice. 

Health & Wellbeing Health & Wellbeing Complementary Therapies Diet & Nutrition

Wellness Consultations

Herbalist, nutrition/ food preparation advice for gluten free and vegan diets, Apothecary with natural medicine.  Skincare treatments.

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Health coaching, specialising in Diabetes T1 & T2 Fatigue & autoimmune disorders

If you have a chronic health condition I use a highly successful model for managing your journey to healing and wellness. I've lived with multiple chronic illnesses over the years and have lived the practices which I teach. The Integral model offers the broadest possible view of illness/wellness which means tapping into both inner and external resources, multiple healing modalities, support systems in the community and offered through various systems and can be used to address any illness. The potential for wellness is huge. It is all pretty simple and can be done according to each person's capacity. I work using the Zoom platform so no travel needed. 

Health & Wellbeing Health & Wellbeing Education Counselling Diet & Nutrition Tutoring / Mentoring

Project Support

Available to facilitate goal achievement via mentoring, coaching or simply sounding boarding.

Health & Wellbeing Health & Wellbeing Education Counselling Tutoring / Mentoring

Laughter Sessions

I organise groups to share Laughter as a wellness treat ;-) there are a lot of studies supporting how much potential there is in sharing laughter, and how little we are using it right now. If you want to use this free source of wealth and health, we meet in the Bay of Islands. Lookup Laughter Club Far North, contact me, and laugh with us :-)  

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dance lessons

My partner and I can offer beginners and intermediate dance lessons. Take your pick: Argentine Tango Ballroom (Waltz, Quickstep) Latin (Chachacha, Rumba, Jive, Salsa) We don't have the space yet but can provide the music.  Meet you on the dance floor :)

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Assistance with fitness

A qualified athletics coach willing to assist with setting fitness and wellness goals.

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Running, walking, fitness or race walking coaching

I have significant experience in coaching New Zealand and a few overseas athletes in running, walking and race walking. I hold a number of masters world records in race walking. Have been a national record holder, and have coached national race walking champions. Have held Northland titles for running.

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Masajes (reflexología)

Health & Wellbeing masajes


Do you need someone to talk things over with? I'm available to provide a listening ear.

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Making vegan food

Israeli Hummus (different the the NZ one), Frappuccino, Chilli con carne, vegan mayonnaise, cakes and other dishes.

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In home facial

Hello,  I’m Jess and I am working as a locum family doctor or GP in the Taranaki region. Outside of that, I am building an in home business with a focus on skincare and nutrition. If you are in the need for a pampering session, would be happy to come to you to do an in home skin consult and mini facial. I come with my own products and would ask if you had a jug available for hot water. 

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Need some positivity, feeling unmotivated, Need a pick me up?

As an ex nurse I love helping people, I love empowering people with my positivity and keeping my glass half full.  If you need a bit of positivity and want to meet for a cuppa/walk or chat then let me know. I guarantee I'll help you feel more energised and positive.

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reusable face masks

i make cloth reusable face masks in a variety of fabric and sizes. my masks have three layers, the outside is cotton and the inside is a layer that is resistant to droplets, but sitll breathable so they comply with the regs of being three layers contact me to get a lovely face mask one time bank hour per face mask 0274598062

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Ohawe Beach: Therapeutic Massage & other alternative therapies

I have been massaging for 10 years. I also do channeled healings and chakra balancing.  Sessions are all at Ohawe where I reside. There is no cellphone or Wii Fii reception in Ohawe so it may be a day or so before I respond.       

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Hāwera: Relaxing hand and foot massage

Do you suffer from sore feet or cold hands?  Massage helps alleviate tension and improves circulation.  I'm an experienced ammature whose foot massages have been popular among my friends for decades.  Give your sore paws or tired tootsies a treat.

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Laughter yoga sessions online or Workshop/Meeting Ice Breakers

I am a certified Laughter Yoga coach with 5+ years of experience. I don't offer it professionally but would like to play with (30 min) sessions online for individuals (or in-person in South Taranaki), or I can do a 10-30 minute ice breaker session for your meeting, hui or conference. I did an off the cuff session for a head office government meeting in Wellington last year and the participants raved about the session all day. It's a fun way to easily create report and connection and change the energy in a group.  Let's have a laugh!   Can deliver in Te Reo Māori or bilingually.  If you are not based in Sth Taranaki, I'd be grateful for either a ride share or a koha toward travel costs.  

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Try Adaptive Sports

We can deliver adaptive sports for people with physical disabilities, such as Wheelchair Baseketball, Boccia, Goalball, Wheelchair Tennis, Blind Tennis and more.    Do you have or know a group this could be good for?? 

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Parenting Coach

You don't feel completely confident about some aspect of your parenting. You have questions and you don't know who to ask. I am available to talk you through any issues from when you get pregnant until your child goes to school. A listener, experienced, knowledgeable parenting coach. After the session you will feel more confident, encouraged and supported. (please see my profile for qualifications and experience)

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