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I have a large garden and struggling to keep on top of the weeds etc. Unfortunately we live in Westerfield, 20kms out of Tinwald, which may put helpers off, but I can help with petrol costs and you will be rewarded with beautiful scenery and my fridge is always full with refreshments. I'm so desperate I will award double time credits. 

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I have not been able to do any gardening since September last year! I want a gardener who will leave my stinging nettle which I am growing for the Red and Yellow Admiral butterflies caterpillars.

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mulch for garden - in bags (Kaitaia)

Has anyone got good (untreated) mulching material like sawdust, wood shavings, leaf litter etc.? Should be clean as in no chemicals on them as I'd like to use it for the veggie garden. Can provide feed bags. Am too lazy to fill them myself so happy to give more timebank hours :P Happy to pick up. Many thanks.

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Bulk Mulch, Prunings etc

I have space on my driveway to take excess mulch e.g. wood chips, mulched greenwaste, prunings. You can drop these things to me if you need to dump them (spray free only)

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Kaitaia: Volunteers of all ages welcome at the community garden!

Kia ora Timebankers! Our community garden is not a community garden without a community. Are you interested in sharing your knowledge and experience, and learning from others in a garden context? Are you interested to learn how to grow your own (organic) food? Are you keen to just help out for a couple of hours in the garden on a Tuesday or Thursday morning, and take fresh organic food home? Do you just want to come along to chat about gardening and maybe bring some questions? Our garden is open to all. If you have any questions or want to express interest in joining us, please message us by replying to this request! The garden is behind Kaitaia Community House at 12 Puckey Ave, and open sessions for volunteers are Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8-10AM (summer hours). If that time doesn't work for you but you're still keen to come down, send us a message, and we'll see what we can do!

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I have moved to a nice place with a beautiful garden. I am not coping, please help :) 

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Pruning 1 plum tree and 1 peach

We have a plum tree and a peach tree in our backyard and would be nice to have them pruned ( I am not sure when is the best time to do this though) 

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Oakura: Tree trimmings for goats

If you are pruning feijoa, karo, lemonwood, bay, ficus I'd like small amounts of those cuttings to feed to my two goats as treats. I'm located in Oakura so near to me is best. Elayne

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Gardener wanted ongoing

Eclectic Rock Garden. With Wildflowers. Mainly Grass and unwanted plants (weeds). Average an hour weekly. Every week or in blocks of time. Whalers Gate area.  

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Garden weeding - Hawera

I would like help with my garden weeding of overgrown grass including in amongst my herbs.   Help would be great though and help with green house planting seeds propagation etc. Free plants and time given. Also clearing long grass.

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NP: Garden help please

My small garden beds need some attention from time to time. It’s not arduous, and we can share the mahi. View my profile for contact details. I make a great cuppa and bikkies Cheers, Davey

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