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NP; Looking for help with a moving out clean

I am looking for one or two people on Wednesday 20th and/or Thursday 21st of September. This is a big clean so would appreciate any help that we can get. There are 2 other cleaners. If you can help please let me know how many hours you can give. Thanks Sandra

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TOM Hāwera - Garden Helper

Weeding, seeding, transplanting, lots to do even in Winter! Happy to have multiple Timebankers over several days carrying out this work (you don't have to do all of it!). Let me know what you're able to do, standing to seed into trays, or cultivating with tools or hand weeding, lots of options.

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Clean out Fridge

We need someone to give our fridge a clean please - my 83year old husband doesn't do this job and I am unable to because of my mobility issues.

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Windows and Ranch Sliders need cleaning

We need someone to clean our aluminium windows and ranch sliders please. - we are both in our 80s and I am a wheelchair user.

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Hawera; Waterblasting

Wanting some help with water blasting my front entrance. I have a domestic Karcher water blaster but unfortunately my back injury prevents me from doing it myself without days of recovery! Would appreciate your help :)

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Whangaroa- Kerikeri - Garden help at home

I'm after a little help in the garden at home please! There's always something to do, I've got established orchards and herbs, raised vege beds, a glasshouse with seedlings on a 17 acre property. After someone with a little strength for the heavy tasks I can't manage, and also knowledge about plants would be great. Helping with pruning and digging and tidying around the place.   Tuesdays and Thursdays in the mornings would be awesome, for a couple of hours. Please contact to discuss further.

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Whangarei - Staple up reflective insulation barrier in crawlspaces

Hello, I have reflective barrier to help with insulation and moisture.  I was planning to do it myself, but I've had recent issues with my back.  I was going to do some in the attic crawlspace (this just needs to be laid out on top of the insulation.  The more time-consuming will be under the house to staple it up onto the floor joists.  This is hopefully going to reduce moisture issues and improve comfort.  Both are just uncomfortable and awkward in the best of times.  With having some back issues it feels impossible.

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Whangarei - Native plants, seedlings, seeds, mulch, and planting for regenerating bush

Kia ora, This is an ongoing, longer request for support establishing part of a wildlife corridor between the Pukenui and Otaika forests. We are regenerating bush on our property in Maunu, situated between the two reserves. Our priority is converting ~4 hectares of kikuyu-infested paddock into native bush. We've started planting ourselves, but we are going to need help. The long-term plan is to get the property protected in perpetuity as a QEII trust to preserve as wildlife and native bush preserve. The first step is replacing the grass with native plantings. What we are looking for to help make this happen: *Plants - Particularly pioneer species like manuka, kanuka, large harakeke, cabbage trees, Pittosporum crassifolium/karo, whau, red mapou, makomako, lacebark, mahoe, five finger, etc. Do you have a flat of manuka or kanuka seedlings? That can help! Splitting or removing a native? Send it our way! We also have shady marshy areas of paddock which need reforesting. *Mulch - We'll need heaps of mulch to protect our new plantings. Do you know where to get some? Will you have some? Can you dump some here? Unfortunately we don't have a truck for pickup. *Planting - Assuming we can get the requisite plants and mulch, we'll need help getting them in the ground. This is primarily a wintertime activity. *Money? - We've reached out to lots of departments and organizations about grants and funds to get any plants or mulch. Almost everyone is tapped out, or waiting until they get new guidelines for funding next year. We've signed up for notifications for a lot. We've also put in inquiries with private companies that share costs.  Another option is crowd-funding through the community, but we're not currently pursuing that until we've run through the other choices. Thank you, J & E

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I am having problems tuning in my small TV in my bedroom. I have a Freeview box and still can't get stations

Consulting Help at Home

sliding door windows

Hi I would love to have my windows cleaned in my lounge, let me know if this is you

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Cleaner New Plymouth

Can be casual as required and as available. Would love to have someone to do a small house clean every so often. Hoping there is someone out there. Look forward to hearing from you :-)

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TOM Hāwera - Cleaner

Help please to do some deep cleaning! I would love help to do the more intense tasks around my house like window and wall cleaning, cleaning behind furniture, tidying cupboards etc. Having someone to do this alongside will make the work go quicker and motivate me as it will be an appointment! Children welcome to come along and play while we work. Michelle

Help at Home Help at Home Housekeeping / Chores

Gardening help

I have a large garden and struggling to keep on top of the weeds etc. Unfortunately we live in Westerfield, 20kms out of Tinwald, which may put helpers off, but I can help with petrol costs and you will be rewarded with beautiful scenery and my fridge is always full with refreshments. I'm so desperate I will award double time credits. 

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I have not been able to do any gardening since September last year! I want a gardener who will leave my stinging nettle which I am growing for the Red and Yellow Admiral butterflies caterpillars.

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mulch for garden - in bags (Kaitaia)

Has anyone got good (untreated) mulching material like sawdust, wood shavings, leaf litter etc.? Should be clean as in no chemicals on them as I'd like to use it for the veggie garden. Can provide feed bags. Am too lazy to fill them myself so happy to give more timebank hours :P Happy to pick up. Many thanks.

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Repairers/Supporters to start Repair Cafe Whangarei

For Our Real Clean Environment are wanting to restart a Repair Cafe in Whangarei. Repair Cafes are free events, usually held monthly, where people work together to repair electrical and mechanical devices, bicycles, clothing, and other items. Can you help our community to keep goods out of landfill? We are looking for supporters of all types to make it happen, do you: know of a free/cheap central location with indoor and preferably covered outdoor space we could use once a month to host the event have skills to help organise and/or advertise the events have skills to repair, fix, mend, restore, service, rebuild, sharpen and more   If you are keen to support in any way please get in touch.   We will be organising a meet up of volunteers on 11/12th March and will have a stall at ArtBeat 4th March if you would like to come and talk more.

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Bulk Mulch, Prunings etc

I have space on my driveway to take excess mulch e.g. wood chips, mulched greenwaste, prunings. You can drop these things to me if you need to dump them (spray free only)

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Kaitaia: Volunteers of all ages welcome at the community garden!

Kia ora Timebankers! Our community garden is not a community garden without a community. Are you interested in sharing your knowledge and experience, and learning from others in a garden context? Are you interested to learn how to grow your own (organic) food? Are you keen to just help out for a couple of hours in the garden on a Tuesday or Thursday morning, and take fresh organic food home? Do you just want to come along to chat about gardening and maybe bring some questions? Our garden is open to all. If you have any questions or want to express interest in joining us, please message us by replying to this request! The garden is behind Kaitaia Community House at 12 Puckey Ave, and open sessions for volunteers are Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8-10AM (summer hours). If that time doesn't work for you but you're still keen to come down, send us a message, and we'll see what we can do!

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House and pet sitting

Available to house sit and pet sit. Message for more info.

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Meals needed

I have chronic fatigue syndrome and at present I'm struggling to prepare nutritious meals.  There are three of us and one is an adolescent male. If you think you can help, please text 027 7766 304.

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house sitter

Hi, Diane Candy requires a house sitter first week in July till mid September.  For details contact Diane. 021 0298 9945  

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I have moved to a nice place with a beautiful garden. I am not coping, please help :) 

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Repurpose an eiderdown

I have my grandmother's old eiderdown. It's easily 80 - 100 years old and like many elderly things, it isn't reliably continent. In fact, it leaks feathers constantly. Is there anyone who could repurpose it?    

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Refugee Family Support

The Refugee Settlement Support Team are looking for help to settle our families into their new life in Ashburton. The families are from Afghanistan and are of Hazara ethnicity. The activities could include general companionship, conversational English language practice, transport, shopping assistance, babysitting, gardening, craft and anything else that would help a family settle into life in New Zealand. For more information, please phone Wendy Hewitt 027 244 7127, email message through the Time Bank site.

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Indoor Plants

If you have extra indoor plants, I would love to have them :) 

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