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Builder or Handyman needed

We would like to do a workshop on building a solar food dehydrator, and are looking for someone to teach this. We have the plans and the materials needed, just need the right person to tutor. Open to suggestions as to where to do it, but could be in Kerikeri.

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Experienced Fruit Tree Pruner needed

I am looking for a fruit tree pruner who would be happy to do a workshop on a home orchard in Waipapa, sometime in April, as part of RESILIENCE MONTH.

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Kaitaia-wanting to borrow scaffolding for a building project

Hello, I'm needing scaffolding for a building project in Doubtless Bay. Does anyone have this or know of where I can access/borrow or hire for an affordable price?

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looking for skilled metal worker to create garden gates

Does anyone enjoy working with metal and might be able to make us two gates for our garden? Would of course pay for materials etc.

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Kaitaia - Help needed installing a greywater system
Group request

We already have the greywater system but need help and knowledge to connect it to our property and current water system. We want to utilise the greywater from our house for our gardens and orchid.

Help at Home kaitaia Special Projects

TTT website App (news and events etc) Beta testers needed!

Our website is hosted by Wix, they have an app called Spaces which enables you get push notifications. We're just getting this up and running and need some volunteers to try it out for a few weeks and provide feedback on its looks, usability and usefulness before we promote it to the full membership. Does this sound like you? If so contact us by email and Anna will make arrangements with you. The more helpers we have the better the end result will be for everyone!

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Agapanthus is the enemy
Group request

Has anyone or two got the muscle power to dig up an agapanthus? If you like it you can even keep it!

Help at Home #gardening Special Projects

Timebanking Tales needed

We're always on the lookout for Timebanker Tales for sharing. Being able to share photos and stories about Timebanking exchanges and experiences helps to inspire others to get involved and provides great feedback to our funders about the impact Timebanking has on the lives of our members. Timecredits are paid for your contributions too! Contributions can be short and sweet sentences or paragraphs that we can quote or full stories in themselves. If you haven't a story of your own to share but love writing we can help you scratch that journalistic itch by putting you in touch with other Timebank members with stories to share!

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Treadmill repair help

I have an old treadmill, and one of the buttons stopped working. If you know electronics you may be able to help me fix it, and I can learn in the process.

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Garden help Rawene

Te Ara Rongoa needs volunteers to help with a wide range of activities, including planting, weeding, digging, clearing, composting to develop the hospital grounds organically and regeneratively. The project manager, Jessie McVeagh, is at the garden most mornings from 9am. Contact her if you are interested in helping out.  

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Cultural & Historical Knowledge of Staveley Forest/Sawmill Rd Bush

Part of the Staveley Camp Forest Restoration Project is to engage schools and local community in learning about biodiversity and the need to protect our degraded natural spaces. This includes working to develop a 'Head, Hands, Heart' environmental education programme. We see benefits for the forest itself and for the students and teachers in creating purpose built fun forest activities that can awaken interests in the students in subjects as diverse as ecology, history, creative writing, art and complex systems. We are looking for any cultural and historical knowledge about the bush itself and the immediate local area in order to weave it into our education programmes so that this knowledge can be sustainably and indefinitely retained. We are seeking local stories, memories, legends, historical events and any other interesting information. Why, for example, was a 9 hectare stand of forest left standing on SAWMILL rd?! If you have anything to offer, we would love to hear it. Please get in touch :-)

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Creative writing and content creation

Enjoy creative writing?  Used to have a blog? Spending hours on writing long and complex Facebook posts?  This is the right place for you! We are looking for content contributors for the Mid Canterbury Newcomers Network newsletter in The Guardian. (see past newsletters here) Anything related to newcomers to Ashburton (both migrants and Kiwis), cultural events in the area, personal profiles for newcomers (contact me for guiding template) or any other idea you come up with that relates to the topic.  It's a chance to write something that will go out in a newspaper with a readership of over 17000 people. I'll be happy to provide guidance and editing.   

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