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TTT website App (news and events etc) Beta testers needed!

Our website is hosted by Wix, they have an app called Spaces which enables you get push notifications. We're just getting this up and running and need some volunteers to try it out for a few weeks and provide feedback on its looks, usability and usefulness before we promote it to the full membership. Does this sound like you? If so contact us by email and Anna will make arrangements with you. The more helpers we have the better the end result will be for everyone!

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Website design feedback needed

We need someone who has the time to check over our website and let us know if there is anything that doesn't look quite right, could be improved, needs added etc etc etc! You don't need to be a techy, just someone who uses websites and has a good idea of what 'looks right', and would be useful to have access to. Anna (doing the website) has got to the point where she can't see for looking, and the rest of the coordination team are too busy with their own work! If you are a Wix whizz however any tech support would be very gratefully received!

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Kaitaia - volunteers needed to run the Eco Centre shop

We need some extra staff to cover the shop. Includes open or closing, dealing with customers, a little cleaning, stock refilling. We have morning and afternoon shifts and you can come 1 shift a month or any more that you would like to do. We also open on the last Saturday of the month to coincide with the repair café at Ano Ano. Even on call would be great for those days when someone is sick or has appointments. Many thanks, Paula

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Website guru for our organisation

We are about to embark on some interesting projects, and need our website kept up to date. The current website is a Wordpress one, and we would prefer to keep that format if possible, however would consider moving to another platform such as Squarespace if we have to. We need a guru that can keep this website up to date for us.

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Timebanking Tales needed

We're always on the lookout for Timebanker Tales for sharing. Being able to share photos and stories about Timebanking exchanges and experiences helps to inspire others to get involved and provides great feedback to our funders about the impact Timebanking has on the lives of our members. Timecredits are paid for your contributions too! Contributions can be short and sweet sentences or paragraphs that we can quote or full stories in themselves. If you haven't a story of your own to share but love writing we can help you scratch that journalistic itch by putting you in touch with other Timebank members with stories to share!

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All new members can earn credit for attending an orientation.

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