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Cultural & Historical Knowledge of Staveley Forest/Sawmill Rd Bush

Part of the Staveley Camp Forest Restoration Project is to engage schools and local community in learning about biodiversity and the need to protect our degraded natural spaces. This includes working to develop a 'Head, Hands, Heart' environmental education programme. We see benefits for the forest itself and for the students and teachers in creating purpose built fun forest activities that can awaken interests in the students in subjects as diverse as ecology, history, creative writing, art and complex systems. We are looking for any cultural and historical knowledge about the bush itself and the immediate local area in order to weave it into our education programmes so that this knowledge can be sustainably and indefinitely retained. We are seeking local stories, memories, legends, historical events and any other interesting information. Why, for example, was a 9 hectare stand of forest left standing on SAWMILL rd?! If you have anything to offer, we would love to hear it. Please get in touch :-)

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