Birds' nests removal

I have a 2 storied house where the birds love making nests in the corners. I need to get rid of them either from the outside, which is high in places, or from within the roofspace. I can't get up there because of my injured hip. Please help as they are getting a bit smelly! Michelle phone 0274160625

Help at Home birds nests

Hawera; Garden help needed

Need to get my garden spring ready! Wanting to maximise my vege garden to help with TTB Kai Resilience work :) Needs general tidy up, weeding, seedlings to plant out, broad beans to stake etc So much to do I’d love a helping hand! Also welcome any general garden advice on setup, plantings, rotation etc

Help at Home Garden Garden Mahi Hawera Kai Resilience

Hawera; Garden help wanted

I’m not much of a gardener and my back doesn’t thank me when I try! Have some big weeds that need to be pulled, a pile of branches that need cutting up and some light pruning. I have all the tools avail and would appreciate your help

Help at Home Hawera Garden pruning

Hawera; Pruning Jobs

Anyone keen on some pruning jobs? I’ve got a few things that could do with a cutback including a large rose bush, couple branches to remove from feijoa tree & one other big tree. I’ve got the the tools, handsaw, pruning shears etc.

Help at Home Garden pruning Hawera

Bricolatge o maneniment doméstic

Tinc una porta d'un armari que va caure fa temps i necessito algú que tingui traça per possar-la. Moltes gràcies

Help at Home Fusta


Puntualmente demando. Electricista y Fontanero.

Help at Home

Group request

Tinc interés en tallers de manualitats i consells de la vida diària

Help at Home manualitats TALLER ARTESANAL art

Agapanthus is the enemy
Group request

Has anyone or two got the muscle power to dig up an agapanthus? If you like it you can even keep it!

Help at Home #gardening Special Projects

Windows and Ranch Sliders need cleaning

We need someone to clean our aluminium windows and ranch sliders please. - we are both in our 80s and I am a wheelchair user.

Help at Home Help at Home Housekeeping / Chores

Desencallar porta corredera d'armari

Necessito algú que m'ajudi a desencallar una porta d'armari corredera. Potser s'ha malmès alguna cosa perquè no hi ha manera de posar-la al riell

Help at Home bricolatge

Hawera; Sorting clothing

I need help sorting my back store room of clothing for sale. Everything’s on hangers and has a numbered tag. Mostly in order already just need to put away some items into numerical order.

Help at Home Organising Sorting Hawera

Ōakurā: Garden help

I loaded the farm trailer with garden prunings before the rain and it has become too heavy to lift onto the quad bike. Need help lifting it and emptying onto bonfire pile in the wee paddock

Help at Home Garden

Bricolatge o maneniment doméstic

Necessito algún manetes que em pugui posar una porta d'un armari petit que va caure.

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Puc necessitar ajuda en petites reparacions a casa meva

Help at Home bricolatge petites reparacions a la llar


esporadicament puc necessitar petites reparacions a casa meva

Help at Home bricolatge petites reparacions a la llar


Voldria demanar,puntualment, petites reparacions a casa meva

Help at Home petites reparacions a la llar bricolatge


Puc necessitar, esporadicament, ajut a casa en petites reparacions i jardineria de la meva terrassa.

Help at Home terrasa bricolatge petites reparacions a la llar jardineria


Petites reparacions a la llar

Help at Home bricolatge petites reparacions a la llar

Whangarei can anyone help fix a leaky tap?

My kitchen tap is dripping, it is not an old tap so not just a tap washer. Is anyone able to help with this?

Help at Home

Whangaroa- Kerikeri - Garden help at home

I'm after a little help in the garden at home please! There's always something to do, I've got established orchards and herbs, raised vege beds, a glasshouse with seedlings on a 17 acre property. After someone with a little strength for the heavy tasks I can't manage, and also knowledge about plants would be great. Helping with pruning and digging and tidying around the place.   Tuesdays and Thursdays in the mornings would be awesome, for a couple of hours. Please contact to discuss further.

Help at Home Help at Home Garden

Whangarei - Staple up reflective insulation barrier in crawlspaces

Hello, I have reflective barrier to help with insulation and moisture.  I was planning to do it myself, but I've had recent issues with my back.  I was going to do some in the attic crawlspace (this just needs to be laid out on top of the insulation.  The more time-consuming will be under the house to staple it up onto the floor joists.  This is hopefully going to reduce moisture issues and improve comfort.  Both are just uncomfortable and awkward in the best of times.  With having some back issues it feels impossible.

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Vdria rebra consells de cuina o classes, en general

Help at Home llar cuina classes receptes


Esporadicament, necessito ajut a llar per a petites reparacions.

Help at Home tasques domèstiques manualitats llar bricolatge

Manitas, para arreglar unas cuantas cosas en casa.

Necesito alguien que pueda arreglar un grifo, colgar un cuadro, arreglar un enchufe. Si hay alguien manitas por aquí, genial!!!

Help at Home

Tasques domèstiques

M'agaradaria rebre ajuda en tasques de jardineria.

Help at Home jardineria tasques domèstiques