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Kaitaia - Handyman needed to install kitchen sink
Group request

I need help with installing a kitchen sink at my house. I have the taps, sink and everything needed, just the skills and know-how to install it. I would be most appreciative of any help from a handyman/builder.

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Kaitaia - Help Anō Anō host a family friendly open day and clothing rescue.

We have good condition clothing ready for a new home, so we are throwing open the doors and hosting a family friendly open day and great clothing rescue at Anō Anō in Kaitaia. This will be held on Saturday 13th of July from 10am -2pm. We'd like to create a festive atmosphere and welcome the community in to check out our mahi, learn about our kaupapa, and hopefully gain an interest in the principals of 'rethink, reuse, repair'. Anyone will be welcome to fill a bag of clothing for a koha. We need help in a variety a ways. Setting up tables and boxes of clothing for the great clothing rescue from 9am. Welcoming visitors and talking about Anō Anō, if you are familiar with how it works. Any family friendly entertainment....especially music and simple childrens crafts. We would welcome baking to share with our visitors. Open to anything you think you could offer to make the day a fun affair.

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Kaitaia-spray free lawn clippings needed for compost

We (KaitaiaCycle) are in need of spray free lawn clippings for our compost to balance with more nitrogen. Drop off to either CBEC or by the compost bins near drop in surf shop. We can provide empty fadges/wool bales for filing and sort a swap system at either or both places. This would be fantastic if it was a weekly/fortnightly arrangement. Contact Waikarare if you can help 021 162 8071.

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To learn NZ Sign Language

Is there anyone here, that is profient in holding conversations in NZSL? I,Michelle became Hard of Hearing in late 2022 & think it’s handy to learn Sign Language. I am self teaching myself at the moment via the NZSL Dictionary App on the Mobile. So I only know a few words so far… but it’s hard to remember them as I have no one to learn from & bounce off on. To string learnt words together and have proper conversations. I’d be happy to use Facebook Messenger, Zoom or Skype for Video calling if your out of Kaitaia town radius. Or meet up for coffee in Kaitaia town and teach me!  

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sweet chestnuts - Kaitaia area

I love roasted sweet chestnuts, does anyone have a tree producing now or in the next few weeks? Happy to come and pick them up. Thanks :)

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Much needed rental ASAP

Kia Ora koutou I am in need of a house rental ASAP. The property I'm in is very unsafe and have to leave ASAP. Mostly looking for a furnished property must be in town Kaitaia or very close to town for work purposes. I have tried everything available with real estate with no luck, so thought going to try on here as well. I am very house proud, sole parent, have great references, looking for preferably long term, considering all options even boarding at this stage. Nga mihi

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Kaitaia - looking for hedge trimmer to buy or borrow

Has anyone got a hedge trimmer they don't use any more to sell or for me to borrow every couple of months? Thanks :)

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Kaitaia-helpers needed for a Workshop creating a community garden Weds 13th Dec
Group request

Learn how to make a 'lasagna' garden and plant seedlings until around 11am, after which we can enjoy a shared potluck lunch and explore the forest/stream together (if you wish). Blessed to have Anna and Lynn joining us with their permaculture/gardening expertise and to show us how to put it all together. If you can, bring some garden clippings, manure, compost, anything that will add a layer to the soil is helpful. If you have excess herbs, vegetables or even shade cloth to create fencing that would add amazing support to our intention to grow enough excess to share with our community. Other help is needed bamboo cutting, mowing paddocks and general tidying. Or just bring yourself along and share your skills and time and enjoy a shared lunch with us, anything is much appreciated. Wednesday 13th December, 2023

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Kaitaia Compost volunteers

Hi we need volunteers to help us maintain our compost at CBEC, we collect paper towels from kindis, and the waste from the Kaitaia Market and compost it, we then gift it back to the kindis and kura, we would love a few extra hands to turn the compost every few weeks, we are happy for helpers to take home compost in return! please email, I never answer my phone!

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Kaitaia - Looking for seaweed or fish frames

Would love some seaweed or fish frames for the compost and gardens. Access to the beach isn't always easy but happy to collect from around Kaitaia areas.

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Kaitaia - Help needed installing a greywater system
Group request

We already have the greywater system but need help and knowledge to connect it to our property and current water system. We want to utilise the greywater from our house for our gardens and orchid.

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Kaitaia - Wood shavings (non-treated)
Group request

I have a flock of 16 beautiful hens which need a constant supply of wood shavings for their nesting boxes. Any amount is appreciated!

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Wanted: broken fridge - Kaitaia

Looking for a broken fridge, medium size ideally, free of charge or koha. The door should shut properly, otherwise I'm not fussy. Thanks :)

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dancing the Charleston lessons wanted - Kaitaia area

Does anyone know how to dance the Charleston / has a few moves to share? I fell in love with the dance watching youtube videos :P and am now looking for someone who could help me start on the journey with a few basic lessons. Many thanks!

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Kaitaia or all of New Zealand; help with creating and managing an online Webstore

Hi, I’d love to connect with an open minded, fun and vibrant person to support me with creating and managing my webstore through Digitees, printing shirts and open to looking for different avenues as well. I’d love to connect with someone that finds it fun and easy to take on the digital part of personalising the webstore to a reflection of my intention and what I have to offer to our community. My number is 0211813737 feel free to contact me directly for more details! Many thanks, Sandra

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