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Kaeo - volunteers/helpers for our two community gardens

We have two community gardens in Kaeo and are always grateful for help. Both gardens are producing food and there is always some goodies to take home. Our gardens: Mangamanihi road - our gardening time is Fridays from 3pm til 5pm (this has also a food forest surrounding with loads of fruit trees!) Pupuke- te huia marae road- we garden on Saturdats from 10am til 12pm Both gardens are quite different and have a huge potential to feed us (and you) and the community!

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Kayaking buddy

Kia ora, I am looking for a female kayak buddy, preferably someone who already has their own kayak an is keen to do little paddle around the bays Kaeo/whangaroa area

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Kaeo - BIO GAS Workshop help
Group request

Sunday 14th April Help required for venue provider from one or two people ... workshop content provider does mostly everything but I just need some help overseeing setup and bbq lunch set up at venue Waiare Road, Kaeo * 4 Time credits offered to one or two people who have signed up to the paid workshop

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