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Make covers for couch squabs

I need someone to help me buy the correct material and then make some fitted covers for seat squabs on my couch. Please contact me on: 0211079169

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Whangārei Light and Lantern Community Parade Volunteers
Group request

Hello, I'm running a light and lantern community parade on Matariki. We'll need a variety of volunteers including helping put out lights, helping artists, guiding the parade, workshops, etc. If you can help, please fill out this form. Put "TIMEBANK" in the "Anything else you want to tell us?" field. More info below and on the form: IMPORTANT DATES AND TIMES Adult Lantern Workshop Dates: Training: Thursday 13 June: evening: (up to 5 hours) Workshops: Saturday 22 June: 10am-1pm Sunday 23 June: 10-1pm Wednesday 26 June: 4-8pm Whangārei Light and Lantern Community Parade - MAIN EVENT Friday 28th June: 12:00pm-10:00pm Parade volunteers: 3:30-5:30pm: Site prep, art installation placement, route lighting and preparation. 5:00-6:30pm: Help with escort, lighting, guidance, etc. The parade will start at 5:30pm at the Pohe Island Carpark and arrive at Pūtahi Park at approximately 6:00pm. Children's Lantern Booths: 3:30-6:00 Pack in children's lantern tables, marquees, supplies. Assist children in decorating their upcycled lanterns. Pack out tables and marquees. Art and Stall Volunteers: 2:00-5:00 Art and Vendor Pack In Assistance 8:00-10:00 Art and Vendor Pack Down Assistance Trash-Less Volunteers: 6:00-8:00 Set up bins. Keep bins sorted. 8:00-9:00 Final pick up and packdown. Hot Drink Stall Volunteers: 5:30-7:30 Pack in Marquee and hot drink supplies. Sell hot drinks for koha/donation. Pack down. Thanks to the Whangārei District Council for funding and Kumarani Productions Trust aka Circus Kumarani for event Management Support.

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Whangarei - looking for Musical buddies

Looking for others to share the enjoyment of singing together and playing the guitar or Ukulele or ? to upgrade techniques or Have fun ?

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New Plymouth - Looking for second hand Spinning wheel, fibres also welcome

I'm looking for a second hand spinning wheel and some unspun wool or other fibres to go with it. Thanks

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I would like a poem I wrote a long time ago to be framed. I would like it done in a lovely calligraphy style using A4 size paper.

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Star photography tutoring

I would like to be better at star photography (astrophotography) by getting some tutoring from someone who has been doing this for a while. While I'm fairly proficient in normal photography, star photography is a different beast, requiring more tinkering with manual focus (or finding focus points in the dark), getting the right shutter speed / aperture / ISO ratio, and more. I have a high end "compact" Fujifilm XS-1 and an Olympus E-510 SLR (help with lens choice for astrophotography would also be appreciated)

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Music lessons - Plucking the Upright Double Bass

That's right - it's on my bucket list - I've always wanted to play the upright double bass - and not with a bow. I love music but never played an instrument apart from the recorder aged 7 … hmm nope that doesn't count does it?! I'm hoping it's not a long shot and that we have an MC TimeBanker with a passion for slappin' the upright double bass. Maybe we could start up a Mid Canterbury TimeBank band... watch this space! :)

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Hāwera: Chess mentor

Kia ora, I'd like to become a better player. Know basics but want to become more strategic. Have a basic set to use. After school or weekends work best for me. Thanks,   Agape.

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Paper craft tips and techniques

I recently started having fun with paper crafts (cards, gift bags, handmade notebooks) and would love and hour or two of advice, especially about how best to use the tools and materials I've acquired.

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Hāwera: Crochet instruction

I can crochet but not start very well. I'd like a few in-person sessions so I can start new projects with ease. I'd prefer to work with someone in person as you will be able to see what I am doing and guide me. We can have a cuppa in the process. Happy to come to you or you to me. I am on Milmoe St.   Thanks,    Patina  

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