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Automassatge i Exercicis per quan no tenim gaire temps !! volem despertar la nostre energia del nostre cos amablement.

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Me ofrezco para pasear perros y realizar adiestramiento canino básico.

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Lectura de noticias

Me ofrezco a leer noticias de prensa a quien quiera estar al corriente de la actualidad y no pueda o sepa leer.


Whangarei & Kaitaia Accommodation

I have family houses in Whangarei and Kaitaia. I offer accommodation and request a ride to go there with you for the duration of your stay. Whatever the time and how long you want to stay is OK, just text me. One day's notice is enough! This offer never expires. I have a computer problem so can only communicate via text.

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Sesiones de digitalización

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Reparaciones y/o instalaciones en el ámbito del hogar. Baldas, cuadros, espejos, pequeños muebles. En todo lo que pueda ayudarte, lo haré con gusto. Si tienes un jardín on un balcón o terraza que endreçar, también puedo ayudarte.

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Memory cushions

I make cushions from people's clothes, if you have some special pieces of clothing I can upcycle these into a lovely cushions.

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Estic especialitzada en orquídeas.

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Transport en cotxe

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Gestions online Word i Excel

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Acompanyar en cotxe

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Cuidado de perros / dogsitter (ES, ENG, CAT)

¿Tienes un perrito y puntualmente no puedes cuidarle? Os ofrezco: - Paseos puntuales, cuidado de día, cuidado de noche de perros - Visitas veterinarias - Transporte de perros // Do you have a dog and need help? I offer: - Dogwalker, dogsitter tasks - Vet visits - Transport for dogs

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Support for Neurological Conditions

MS Taranaki Inc. provides information and Support Officer services for people in Taranaki living with Multiple Sclerosis. We publish a newsletter four times a year and maintain our Facebook page . Our Support Officer works 20 hours a week visiting members and Whanau throughout Taranaki. Our Support Officer is available for anyone wanting information or support for themselves, friends, family, or employees with MS. We have an Awareness Week each year and a two-day Street Appeal. Our Society also assists the greater community with other neurological conditions e.g Huntingtons Disease, Motor Neuron Disease and Parkinsons etc.

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Regalo colchón de 1,90x135cm prácticamente nuevo



Regalo colchón de 1,90x135cm prácticamente nuevo



Regalo colchón de 1,90x135cm prácticamente nuevo

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Hi I'm happy to make cakes, muffins, cakes etc just get in touch please

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Lemongrass plants - Kaitāia

I need to thin out my lemongrass as it's taking over my border! You're very welcome to a clump around 5-10cm in diameter.

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interprete de frances


Teach crochet

Teach crochet at all levels. How to read a pattern. American terminology.

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hawera-learn to draw or draw picture for you

i have been drawing since my chilwood. i can draw portraits for many people. i can email you some example if you like. im free after work.

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