Petites reparacions a la llar

Help at Home bricolatge petites reparacions a la llar

Whangarei can anyone help fix a leaky tap?

My kitchen tap is dripping, it is not an old tap so not just a tap washer. Is anyone able to help with this?

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Whangaroa- Kerikeri - Garden help at home

I'm after a little help in the garden at home please! There's always something to do, I've got established orchards and herbs, raised vege beds, a glasshouse with seedlings on a 17 acre property. After someone with a little strength for the heavy tasks I can't manage, and also knowledge about plants would be great. Helping with pruning and digging and tidying around the place.   Tuesdays and Thursdays in the mornings would be awesome, for a couple of hours. Please contact to discuss further.

Help at Home Help at Home Garden

Whangarei - Staple up reflective insulation barrier in crawlspaces

Hello, I have reflective barrier to help with insulation and moisture.  I was planning to do it myself, but I've had recent issues with my back.  I was going to do some in the attic crawlspace (this just needs to be laid out on top of the insulation.  The more time-consuming will be under the house to staple it up onto the floor joists.  This is hopefully going to reduce moisture issues and improve comfort.  Both are just uncomfortable and awkward in the best of times.  With having some back issues it feels impossible.

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Vdria rebra consells de cuina o classes, en general

Help at Home llar cuina classes receptes


Esporadicament, necessito ajut a llar per a petites reparacions.

Help at Home tasques domèstiques manualitats llar bricolatge

Manitas, para arreglar unas cuantas cosas en casa.

Necesito alguien que pueda arreglar un grifo, colgar un cuadro, arreglar un enchufe. Si hay alguien manitas por aquí, genial!!!

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Tasques domèstiques

M'agaradaria rebre ajuda en tasques de jardineria.

Help at Home jardineria tasques domèstiques

Tasques domèstiques

Necessito ajuda amb arranjaments de roba.

Help at Home Roba Arranjaments tasques domèstiques


De manera puntual, puc necessitar petites reparacions a la meva llar.

Help at Home bricolatge


Pequeños arreglos en prendas de vestir

Help at Home costura

Un profesional de fusta

Necesito instalar las manetas en las puertas. Para eso se solicita un profesional de fusteria. También un profesional para pintar paredes y techo.

Help at Home fusteria pintura

Manteniment casa

Necessito alguna persona que sàpiga canviar una aixeta de la cuina. Gràcies

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Ayuda traslado

Necesito ayuda para el traslado para el 20 de agosto de 2023, para mover unos muebles

Help at Home traslado

Cosir roba

Necessito algú que em pugui cosir roba i fer arranjaments.

Help at Home sastre/modista


Necessito servei de neteja i servei de neteja energètica de la casa.

Help at Home neteja neteja energètica

Mulch and Seeweed
Group request

We are ongoing looking for untreated mulching material for our veggie garden like sawdust, wood shavings, leaf litter and seaweed. If anyone has time to collect or have spare - please get in touch via email. Dont have Cellphone coverage from Home. Thank you! Also happy to pick up from Kerikeri. Happy to give 1hour time exchange for a full bag.

Help at Home Garden Mulch Seaweed

Colgar estanterias pared

Hola! Necesito a alguien que tenga un taladro para colgar una estanteria a una pared, y tambien dos cuadros. Gracias!

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Configurar repetidors internet

Tenim fibra a casa però no ens funcionen correctament els repetidors pel WiFi, si saps com arreglar-ho m'aniria molt bé!

Help at Home Internet Configurar wifi

Waverley - Handy person help

I have an extendable clothesline I need assistance to put up. Involves attaching unit to exterior wall and digging a post hole for washing line pole.

Help at Home Handy person Building Dig a post hole


Vull demanar , esporadicament, ajuda a la llar, jardí

Help at Home jardineria bricolatge


Voldria, esporadicamet, que em fessin petits arranjaments de roba

Help at Home COSTURA Roba Arranjaments


Help at Home bricolatge


Que m'ensenyin o que em cuinin directament 😇

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instalar aire acondicionat., hotel rural sant martí de montnegre ca l'aualdell

caldria monstar un aire acondicional. tinc tots el estirs sols cal montar-lo. si algú pot li estaré molt agraç¨t amb esmorzar o dinar tipics de l'hotel rural. Moltes mercès

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