TOM Hāwera - massive garden needs seedlings transplanted, weeding and seeding and clearing beds to plant for Winter at Goldbush

Weeding, seeding, transplanting, lots to in Summer/Autumn! Happy to have multiple Timebankers over several days carrying out this work (you don't have to do all of it!). Let me know what you're able to do, standing to seed into trays, or cultivating with tools or hand weeding, lots of options.

Help at Home Garden Hawera south taranaki Kai Resilience


Necesito pintar. Sería cómo una habitación.

Help at Home

TOM Hāwera - Garden Help to prune trees in small backyard in town

Variety of trees needing to be pruned. Will require a chainsaw and tools. Ladder supplied. Prunings to be left onsite, would love these to be mulched for my garden.

Help at Home Help at Home Hāwera Garden

Netejar una finestra alta

Tinc una finestra alta i llarga però curta que s'ha de netejar amb escala i per problemes de mobilitat no ho puc fer.

Help at Home Neteja

Kerikeri/Waipapa - Helping Hands needed - And a planner/coordinator

Hi, I just wrote a blog post about putting together a 'helping team' for the next few months (TBC) These times are where our Timebank community can step up and help each other - with a whole lot of Timecredits to be earned. As you'll see in the blog post we'll be looking at Saturdays/Sundays and help around house and garden to upkeep Di's home. Message, email, txt me if you can help. Thank you.

Help at Home gardening Help At Home other

instalar aire acondicionat

Hola bones. Necessito algú que tingui coneixements per poder ajudar-me a instal·lar un aire condicionat. Tinc el aparell i els materials. Contactar amb Mercè per wtz 695 48 28 18. Moltes gràcies

Help at Home


Necessito fer-li la vora a una pantalons texans.

Help at Home tareas domesticas Cosir

Ajuda amb pintura o bricolatge

Alguna vegada puc necessitar cop de ma amb pintura a casa o algún tema de bricolatge.

Help at Home

Group request

Look for some people to help me pull some weeds around home Please and thank you

Help at Home

Neteja sala polivalent

Necessitem una persona que pugui netejar la sala polivalent de la Clau cada 15 dies. Si ens pots ajudar, sis plau contacta amb en Carles al telf: 636 306 460 Gràcies!

Help at Home

Minor electrical work needed - NP based
Group request

Hi, are there any available qualified electricians free to help me in the next month? I want some old lights removed in a bathroom & dining room and looking at installing a new light, an LED mirror and single heat lamp. Please contact with any questions, cheers!

Help at Home New Plymouth Electrical Help at Home


Necessito persona un cop al mes per fer neteja de cuina i bany

Help at Home Neteja

Dargaville - Fruit Tree Pruning assistance

Our newly established Kumarani Community Garden in Dargaville has 3 grafted heritage fruit trees in poor condition. We recognise that these trees are in their twilight years but would like to think that with some tlc they may be gracing our space for several more years. If you're out of town but have the skills we can send photos for your perusal. Many thanks.

Help at Home Gardening Pruning Kaipara

Moure algo pesat

Potser en algun moment puc necessitar ajuda per moure alguna cost pesada.

Help at Home Transport

Arreglar cinta de la persiana

Fa temps que la cinta d'una persiana està fluixa i no funciona correctament. Sabries canviar-la/arreglar-la?

Help at Home bricolatge reparació assesorament


Help at Home

Kaitaia - Fruit tree grafting tutoring

HI I have a few citrus rootstock and an old navel orange tree which I would like to graft. I have tried myself unsuccessfully and would love some assistance to get it right.

Help at Home grafting Pruning tutoring

Whangarei:- Gardening
Group request

Sorting out Banana plants Help needed in garden. Clearing fish pond. Clearing weeds down garden . Bit of pruning

Help at Home Whangārei gardening Clean-up / Recycling

Group request

Solicito a quien ofrezca pintar que pinte el salón de casa Gracias

Help at Home

Neteja de vidres i persiana.

Necesito neteja a casa. No puc fer esforços per malaltia. Agrairia ajuda. Visc a Cassà i pago gasto de gasolina. Gràcies

Help at Home

Kaitaia- Gardening companion

My neighbour, Te Mana Oranga, has some moth plant in a hedge that needs to come out. I haven't been able to face this on my own. It will stay where it is if I don't sort it out...

Help at Home


Pequeños arreglos

Help at Home costura

Busco carpintero

Requiero una mesa de madera plegable, yo tengo la madera.

Help at Home carpintero

Much needed rental ASAP

Kia Ora koutou I am in need of a house rental ASAP. The property I'm in is very unsafe and have to leave ASAP. Mostly looking for a furnished property must be in town Kaitaia or very close to town for work purposes. I have tried everything available with real estate with no luck, so thought going to try on here as well. I am very house proud, sole parent, have great references, looking for preferably long term, considering all options even boarding at this stage. Nga mihi

Help at Home kaitaia Rent Ahipara rental

Ajuda per fer neteja de la llar i planxa

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