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Manaia, tiles/ceramics for mosaics

Manaia - quite a few tiles and ceramics for mosaics. I can email you photos if would like, just contact me on 021 084 33438 or Take the lot for one timebank hour, Cheers.

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Knitting - help to learn or help with difficult project

I have knitted for years and love it, multi coloured, technical patterns,  if you need help just yell out, I'm happy to help.

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Crochet lessons for beginners

Kia ora Happy to teach you how to make a crochet dish cloth - you'll just need a crochet hook and some cotton. Happy to lend you a crochet hook for the lesson if it's in person. We can either do it on zoom or in person in New Plymouth central (meet outside in the sunshine or in a cafe). 

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South Taranaki - Sewing repairs

If you have a item of clothing that just needs a simple quick fix then sing out I am happy to help. Weather it's taking up a pair of pants etc then please get in contact.

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South Taranaki: Knitting lessons

Hi everyone if you would like to learn the basics of knitting I am offering that between the hours of school which is 9am and 2 pm. I am a intermediate knitter so can teach you the basics like casting on and casting off and doing a small project of a face cloth or scrub that is perfect for gifting. I can do around kaponga eltham or hawera. Thanks everyone

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handmade soaps

i make a range of natural soaps and shampoo bars great for sensitive skin   at the moment l have Avocado soap (made with a real Avocado in it) goats milk soap.

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jewelry repair

have a broken bead necklace? or some earrings that need to be reattached? i can do simple restringing and other repairs

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Breastfeeding Support - Hawera

Hi  I have completed a course in breastfeeding peer support, and have been breastfeeding all 4 my own children. Happy to chat to you and support you in anyway. If anything is above my knowledge and training I have contacts with further knowledge whom I can talk to or get to visit you all free of $. 

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Community dialogue - cuppa anyone

Am interested in facilitating discussions (informal/formal) that generate/promote dialogue around enhancing and enriching our expeirences within our suburbs/neighborhood where we raise ourselves and our families. An example of this offering/innitiative is advocating for safer an idea iv pondered is that if we had large colouful attractive no's - 3,4 some 7  placed on our fence , representing how much children in household - why? So drivers subconsciously have a visual aid growth awareness on what implications their driving or poor choices whilst driving (cellphone / speed) may possily lead to.Thats A idea and many more, but am wanting to articulate / manifest / and making it happen. Lets chuck da jug on. 0226741542 

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