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New Plymouth - Any help and anything related to education and support.

• Any help (garden, dog walk, house shifting, or need a hand) in and around Frankliegh Park. • Happy to help kids in Intermediate and secondary school level in subjects like Mathematics, Science and NCEA level subject selection • Also, involved in Adult Literacy programs and happy to offer any help (as a mentor)

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Crochet, knitting and sewing
Group offer

Hi everyone, I have been a crafter for many years and I am available to share my knowledge of knitting, crochet and reading patterns with others.

Other ,Community Activities Surplus Fruit / Veggie & Preserves crafting

Community dialogue - cuppa anyone

Am interested in facilitating discussions (informal/formal) that generate/promote dialogue around enhancing and enriching our expeirences within our suburbs/neighborhood where we raise ourselves and our families. An example of this offering/innitiative is advocating for safer an idea iv pondered is that if we had large colouful attractive no's - 3,4 some 7  placed on our fence , representing how much children in household - why? So drivers subconsciously have a visual aid growth awareness on what implications their driving or poor choices whilst driving (cellphone / speed) may possily lead to.Thats A idea and many more, but am wanting to articulate / manifest / and making it happen. Lets chuck da jug on. 0226741542 

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