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Organizar armario para guardar la ropa de invierno

Hola, Necesito ayuda para cambiar la ropa de temporada y guardar la ropa de invierno en los altillos, dispongo de escalera, me corre prisa gracias !

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Ararata (Sth Taranaki): Digging out sheep pellets

I need help to dig out aged sheep pellets from a woolshed. Happy for the person to take 1/2 of what they dig out and the time taken up to 4 hours. Hope that makes sense. Of course open to negotiation :)

Help at Home gardening fertilizer manure Hawera Ararata

Wood chopping

I have a bit of wood that needs splitting and am not able to do it myself. Happy to give the person 1/2 of what is chopped. I have a good axe and safety glasses. Located in Ararata, but happy to transport you if within 25km.

Help at Home firewood Hawera Ararata

Reparaciones del hogar

Help at Home reparaciones hogar

Necessito ajuda per aprendre a endreçar i llençar

Em costa llençar, sempre he acumulat coses. Necessito buidar espai de casa meva per sentir-me millor i que deixi de fer-me vergonya que algú vingui a casa. M'adono que necessito ajuda perquè quan em poso a fer caixes per endreçar/llençar/donar... acabo amb caixes a mitges per tot arreu que no sé on posar i que acaben tornant als estants. A més, tinc dificultats de mobilitat, per la qual cosa es fa feixuc perquè no em puc ajupir gaire ni estar fent molts viatges per la casa o al traster... Tot plegat, se'm fa una muntanya i se m'ha acudit demanar ajut al banc del temps. Potser saps trucs per endreçar, o em podries ajudar a col.locar la roba al canapè de sota el llit, o simplement donar-me conversa perquè passi més lleugera l'estona hehe.

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Maunu - Looking for an occasional baby-sitter

We are pretty new to the area and we haven't got ourselves a regular babysitter! Well we had someone a while back, but then they moved to matamata... We are looking for an occasional baby-sitter for our boisterous and interactive 6 year old boy. He is thoughtful and considerate (mostly) and understands an incredible amount! He loves lego, playing football, reading books (well having books read to him), ninjas and running/playing tag (though he doesn't like being tagged, just being chased haha). It would be nice to have a couple of hours out once a fortnight or once a month maybe for me and hubby to spend some time out together :)  It is important to us that the baby-sitter does not use punishment or rewards, shaming ("babies do that", "big kids do this", "you should know better") etc we do our best to be kid-centred - using nonviolent Communication as much as possible and seeing misbehaviour as communication of an unmet need - for example when my parents visited recently, they only stayed a short time then when it was time to say goodbye he kicked my step dad in the leg and ran away laughing (he wanted to play tag to make them stay longer). Connection and compassion is what we aim for!

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Tècnic en reparacions domèstiques

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Help at Home llar

Seeking House Cleaner :)

We are looking for someone in the Hurford Omata area to help clean our home. Basic cleaning like windows, surfaces + vacuuming. Thank you.

Help at Home cleaning Housekeeping / Chores

sliding door windows

Hi I would love to have my windows cleaned in my lounge, let me know if this is you

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Could you help me with one or more of my sewing/ mending jobs? I have quite new socks that need fixing at the back heel seam, jeans that need patching and a small bag from a game that needs sewing across it.

Help at Home #sewing #mending

Cleaner New Plymouth

Can be casual as required and as available. Would love to have someone to do a small house clean every so often. Hoping there is someone out there. Look forward to hearing from you :-)

Help at Home House clean cleaning Housekeeping / Chores Help at Home

Arreglos hogar

Help at Home bricolaje

Gardening help

I have a large garden and struggling to keep on top of the weeds etc. Unfortunately we live in Westerfield, 20kms out of Tinwald, which may put helpers off, but I can help with petrol costs and you will be rewarded with beautiful scenery and my fridge is always full with refreshments. I'm so desperate I will award double time credits. 

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principalmente fontaneria y carpinteria

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Trabajos de carpintería

Hola! Si te gusta trabajar con la madera, tengo unos paneles de madera en la pared de la cocina que se han doblado y me gustaría arreglarlos. Además, me gustaría instalar muebles a medida para las habitaciones de mis hijos.

Help at Home carpintero carpintería wood woodworking


I have not been able to do any gardening since September last year! I want a gardener who will leave my stinging nettle which I am growing for the Red and Yellow Admiral butterflies caterpillars.

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