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Try Adaptive Sports

We can deliver adaptive sports for people with physical disabilities, such as Wheelchair Baseketball, Boccia, Goalball, Wheelchair Tennis, Blind Tennis and more.    Do you have or know a group this could be good for?? 

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South Taranaki - Sewing repairs

If you have a item of clothing that just needs a simple quick fix then sing out I am happy to help. Weather it's taking up a pair of pants etc then please get in contact.

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South Taranaki: Knitting lessons

Hi everyone if you would like to learn the basics of knitting I am offering that between the hours of school which is 9am and 2 pm. I am a intermediate knitter so can teach you the basics like casting on and casting off and doing a small project of a face cloth or scrub that is perfect for gifting. I can do around kaponga eltham or hawera. Thanks everyone

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French horn lessons

Learn the fabulous french horn! Whatever your musical tastes - classical, contemporary musicals, concert band, jazz, movie scores or all of them, french horns often feature prominently because of their beautiful tone and wide range of expression. Having played horn since 1988, gaining the Royal Schools 'Advanced Certificate' (was between grade 8 and ARSM), and having played first horn in Taranaki Symphony Orchestra since then, I can offer lessons to music beginners or those musicians wanting to learn another instrument. Once you have some proficiency there are several groups in New Plymouth where you can put your talent to good use - Taranaki Youth Orchestra, Taranaki Symphony Orchestra and The Great Taranaki Steam Band.

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handmade soaps

i make a range of natural soaps and shampoo bars great for sensitive skin   at the moment l have Avocado soap (made with a real Avocado in it) goats milk soap.

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jewelry repair

have a broken bead necklace? or some earrings that need to be reattached? i can do simple restringing and other repairs

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Breastfeeding Support - Hawera

Hi  I have completed a course in breastfeeding peer support, and have been breastfeeding all 4 my own children. Happy to chat to you and support you in anyway. If anything is above my knowledge and training I have contacts with further knowledge whom I can talk to or get to visit you all free of $. 

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Community dialogue - cuppa anyone

Am interested in facilitating discussions (informal/formal) that generate/promote dialogue around enhancing and enriching our expeirences within our suburbs/neighborhood where we raise ourselves and our families. An example of this offering/innitiative is advocating for safer an idea iv pondered is that if we had large colouful attractive no's - 3,4 some 7  placed on our fence , representing how much children in household - why? So drivers subconsciously have a visual aid growth awareness on what implications their driving or poor choices whilst driving (cellphone / speed) may possily lead to.Thats A idea and many more, but am wanting to articulate / manifest / and making it happen. Lets chuck da jug on. 0226741542 

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