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Manaia - Hand massage needed.

Tena koe. I am in need of hand massages. If you can assist with that I would be most grateful. Phone Bridgette on 021 084 33438.

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Looking for laughter yoga leaders - subsidised training opportunity - learn a new skill!

Want to learn a new skill and help spread laughter in the community? There is a laughter yoga leader training session happening in Christchurch on the weekend of 29th-30th October, and we at Dunedin Laughter Yoga are able to subsidise the cost significantly for one or two people willing to join our team of laughter leaders. The training is really fun, held by Hannah Airey of Lotus Community Wellbeing Trust. These trainings don't happen often, so if you're interested please message us back to let us know you'd like to know more details! Hours done on the training can be registered on the TimeBank. With the significant drop in Covid-19 cases, better treatment options available and the recent lifting of most government restrictions, laughter yoga as we used to know pre-pandemic is back, no masks required! We'd love to see you there, so please come along and bring friends and whānau! We only ask that you avoid attending if you are sick and continue following good hygiene practices. Dunedin Laughter Yoga sessions Each Wednesday, 5.15pm - 6pm (building door locks at 5.30pm!) Location:Otago Polytechnic 'D' Block60 Harbour TerraceRoom D101 COVID-19 health & safety rules: Do not attend if you are sick or suspect you are sick Keep up good hygiene practices like sneezing into your elbow Laughter: Makes you feel great! Strengthens your immune system Reduces stress Releases emotional tension Promotes a sense of wellbeing Increases self-confidence Is a lot of fun A small koha (e.g. gold coin) to contribute to costs of running this free service is appreciated, though not required. We look forward to laughing with you!Regards,JohnDunedin Laughter YogaLaughingInDunedin@Gmail.com

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Leading Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a great, fun and easy way to laugh with others on a regular basis, and get all the physical, mental and spiritual health benefits that brings! Dunedin Laughter Yoga is on the look-out for people interested in leading Laughter Yoga here in Dunedin. We currently have an active laughter leader team of three people (with a fourth to become active again in the near future), and could do with one or two more. This requires participation in the existing regular laughter sessions to get familiar with Laughter Yoga and then attending and pass a training course, which Dunedin Laughter Yoga can partially fund. You will receive time credits for some of the time spent towards becoming a leader, and then you can claim a time credit for each session you lead and time spent in planning or otherwise supporting/promoting Laughter Yoga in Dunedin. If you're interested in trying out Laughter Yoga, come along and feel free to claim 1 hour on the TimeBank for your first session. Note: for those only participating in Laughter Yoga, time is given only for the first session. Anyone helping organise/lead/promote Laughter Yoga can claim their time spent on those activities on an ongoing basis. For more details, see: Regards, Dunedin Laughter Yoga

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