Informática Clases


Clases de piano y/o guitarra

Me gustaría poder aprender a tocar el piano y la guitarra, me encanta la música y son dos instrumentos que me han gustado siempre, más nunca me he decidido hasta ahora.



Conversació anglès.

Lessons Anglès conversa

Driving mentors required

The Mid Canterbury Rural Driver Licensing Scheme is looking for driving mentors to help our rural newcomers to learn to drive. You will need a full license, a sense of humour and to remain calm while your student learns a new skill. Our adult clients are rural and for most, English is a second language. It's a lot of fun and you meet some amazing people. We provide support and the clients provide the car for lessons. We also reimburse mileage to cover costs when you travel to meet your student.

Lessons Education Transport Culture & Knowledge Tutoring / Mentoring Driving instruction Different Culture

English conversation

To improve my english

Lessons English languages

TTB needs tech savvy helpers!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Are you a little bit tech savvy and like to help others learn? We’re moving to a new Timebank system in 2 weeks and need helpers to test it and teach our members how to use the app! We’ll be organising online and in person get togethers as well as video tutorials and infographics. Timebankers will receive time credits for their help!

Lessons Education Business Services Tutoring / Mentoring Computer Support

Hāwera: Chess mentor

Kia ora, I'd like to become a better player. Know basics but want to become more strategic. Have a basic set to use. After school or weekends work best for me. Thanks,   Agape.

Lessons Education Arts / Crafts / Music Tutoring / Mentoring Entertainment Lessons

Hāwera: Crochet instruction

I can crochet but not start very well. I'd like a few in-person sessions so I can start new projects with ease. I'd prefer to work with someone in person as you will be able to see what I am doing and guide me. We can have a cuppa in the process. Happy to come to you or you to me. I am on Milmoe St.   Thanks,    Patina  

Lessons Education Arts / Crafts / Music Tutoring / Mentoring Arts / Crafts


Necessitaria classes de repàs de primaria per a nens de 6 a 12 anys

Lessons classes repàs

Group request

Necessito classes de repàs de primària per un grup de 10 nens de 6 a 12 anys

Lessons classes repàs


Vull algú que m'ensenyi els secrets de la cuina vegana i també classes de reposteria

Lessons cuina vegana reposteria

Aprender inglés

Estoy en el proceso de aprender inglés, necesito una guía para avanzar. Gracias

Lessons clases

INSTAGRAM /Neteja casa i jardí. Fusteria

Busco una persona que em doni un cop de ma per entendre algunes coses bàsiques de la xarxa social INSTAGRAM. Soc bastant principiant. Ajuda per netejar casa i jardí. Fuster

Lessons clases

Clases de fermentos

Queremos aprender a elaborar nuestros propios fermentos para consumo propio.

Lessons salud artesanal Clases Alimentos

Clases de inglés
Group request

Queremos aprender inglés, lectoescritura y oral.

Lessons clases

Tallar figures de fusta


Classes de rus en català

Classes de rus en català


Group request



I wish to learn and practice talking English.

Please teach me English.

Lessons Languages / Translation Lessons

Job training

computer training ( programming/and service) diesel mechanic or tech training 

Lessons Classes / Workshops Computers / Technology (IT) Tutoring / Mentoring

Proof reading

I would like someone with an eye for detail to read over a draft chapter for my Masters thesis. After re-reading it a couple of times at all looks the same to me - a fresh pair of eyes would be great. I am happy to print it off and give you a hard copy to look at or email it to you in electronic form.  My thesis is about ideas of community and what happened to various forms of social capital in the wake of the earthquake.


Clases de baile

Lessons bailes

Classes guitarra

Hauria de ser online perquè ara mateix no sóc per Badalona

Lessons musica guitarra llenguatge musical

Classes d'àrab / Clases de árabe

Tienen que ser online.

Lessons arabe idiomas