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Instalar (i fer anar) linux a l'ordinador

A la meva feina faig anar linux, ofereixo fer la instalacio, aixi com donar nocions basiques (recomanar o no ficarsho)

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M'ofereixo per donar assessorament sobre informàtica bàsica i el programa Linux.

Lessons informàtica classes assessorament linux


Are you tired of finding serial numbers on the web, viruses, expired licenses or cracking programs to unblock another? Throw out your Windows or MacIntosh operating system and join into open source software! In these classes we will see how to do the same things that you are doing in every day life with your computer with different and easy programs created by people for the people not for the huge companies to get more and more money. :-b Take a look into Linux's world. It's easy, fun and FREE.

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Manteniment informàtic LINUX

Consulting informàtica linux

Clases uso sistema operativo (Windows, Linux) y navegación Internet

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