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Spanish conversation or tutoring

Hi there, I'd like to offer Spanish conversation and/or tutoring to the community. I'm not a native speaker but have a high level of written and spoken Spanish. I also have several years of teaching English as a second language experience to draw from. Happy to meet at my place in Takahue or around Kaitaia or video chat. Oscar is a native speaker and happy to help also.          

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I can help translate Spanish to English or vice versa! Let me know if you need any help :)

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Hāwera or online: Rumaki Reo - Māori Language Planning

To become fluent in te reo you need to have total immersion experiences. I recently attended a wānanga whakarauora reo where I learned why rumaki reo wā/wāhi (total immersion times and spaces) are vital to become fluent in te reo. Join me for session or two to get planning for you, your whānau, marae or workplace etc. to support the use of te reo Māori. Please note: These sessions are not for learning the language, it for developing total immersion strategies.  Do get to a wānanga whakarauora reo if you can. Learn from experts. I am happy to help you get started. Kia kaha tātou ki te kōrero Māori i ngā wā katoa, i ngā wāhi katoa.        

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learn simple Nepali language

planning to travel to Nepal, maybe go trekking, l can teach you simple nepali words and the numbers so you can recognise the the money and prices for things and have a simple chat with people. also give you information about the culture and travel tips based on the years l lived there.

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