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Childminders for New Plymouth gathering
Group request

We'd love to have a couple of childminders to care for the kids at our upcoming gathering / wānanga, so participants can focus on the workshops. More info here:

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Maunu - Looking for an occasional baby-sitter

We are pretty new to the area and we haven't got ourselves a regular babysitter! Well we had someone a while back, but then they moved to matamata... We are looking for an occasional baby-sitter for our boisterous and interactive 6 year old boy. He is thoughtful and considerate (mostly) and understands an incredible amount! He loves lego, playing football, reading books (well having books read to him), ninjas and running/playing tag (though he doesn't like being tagged, just being chased haha). It would be nice to have a couple of hours out once a fortnight or once a month maybe for me and hubby to spend some time out together :)  It is important to us that the baby-sitter does not use punishment or rewards, shaming ("babies do that", "big kids do this", "you should know better") etc we do our best to be kid-centred - using nonviolent Communication as much as possible and seeing misbehaviour as communication of an unmet need - for example when my parents visited recently, they only stayed a short time then when it was time to say goodbye he kicked my step dad in the leg and ran away laughing (he wanted to play tag to make them stay longer). Connection and compassion is what we aim for!

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