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solar setup sizing

I can help you figure out how many solar cells and batteries you need if you tell me how much electrical energy you plan to use on a winter day.

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Hāwera: Free printer with an issue to fix

I have a Epson L3B5 printer. It's about four years old. The black ink appears to be blocked. The other colours do print. If you can fix it, you can have print it!  The printer is at Patina's place. Contact her at (021) 278-1246 to pick up. Thank you!   Linda

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Air conditioning/ Heat pump - North Taranaki

Heat pumps, installation and service available. Heat pump installation: I can help with choosing the right capacity you need for your space. The installation takes usually 5-8 hours. Within those hours I will provide all the tools required and finish the installation. Extra expenses related to installation on top of the work hours: indoor and outdoor units - $1000-3000 (can be pursued by you separately) electrical cable, cooper pair coil, plastic fittings, vehicle mileage - $300-500   Heat pump service: Cleaning filters, cleaning the coil, checking for functionality, checking the drain, checking the electrical connections All done in 1 hour, with no extra costs in New Plymouth, Bell Block, and Waitara. Mileage fees may apply to other areas.

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