Air conditioning/ Heat pump - North Taranaki

Heat pumps, installation and service available.

Heat pump installation:

I can help with choosing the right capacity you need for your space.

The installation takes usually 5-8 hours. Within those hours I will provide all the tools required and finish the installation.

Extra expenses related to installation on top of the work hours:

indoor and outdoor units - $1000-3000 (can be pursued by you separately)

electrical cable, cooper pair coil, plastic fittings, vehicle mileage - $300-500


Heat pump service:

Cleaning filters, cleaning the coil, checking for functionality, checking the drain, checking the electrical connections

All done in 1 hour, with no extra costs in New Plymouth, Bell Block, and Waitara. Mileage fees may apply to other areas.

This Offer belongs to Taranaki Timebank.