Pruning Fruit Trees

I am experienced  in most varieties of fruit trees to make good crops. I have my own tools. Happy to teach you as I go.

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I can do any basic sewing :) take up some trousers, repair a hole... I live in Dargaville, so feel free to post things. 

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painting and decorating

Hi are you looking for a painter to help with your home. i am based in moerewa, happy to give you a free quote. i am self-employed . txt me for a quote on 02102486956.

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Dog caring. Whangarei area

*We have a household of 2 adults who love dogs living in Kensington. Our back yard is secure. The dogs can be walked, happily & any other needs can be discussed. If you're  travelling from Far North for appointments, drop your dog off. Overnight a possibility. Open to discussion on length of stay. 

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Allergy Friendly Food Advise

I've been navigating allergy friendly cooking/baking since my son was 3 months old and developed eczema which was related to food allergies/intolerances. This prompted me to investigate thoroughly diet and food and the impacts it can have, and working out how to make tasty, amazing food with substitutes! I'm willing to share my recipes, ideas, experiences and tips for cooking gluten free, dairy free, nut free, refined sugar free, egg free (though that is no longer a problem for us now) and anything else free that you can think of! Bread, cake, muffins, brownies, pancakes, hot cross buns, pizza bases, savoury muffins, crackers and lots more.  If you've been struggling with food intolerances and allergies, you are not alone! I am also willing to do some baking for you if you prefer not to do it yourself and have an event coming: provided I get plenty of notice and there is some way to easily get it to you :)  I am based in Towai so happy to come to you and help with baking if you are in Kaikohe/Kerikeri/Whangarei or that kind of distance from Kawakawa. Otherwise I am happy to email my recipes if you prefer to try them yourself 

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solar setup sizing

I can help you figure out how many solar cells and batteries you need if you tell me how much electrical energy you plan to use on a winter day.

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Cocina Creativa

Si no sabes qué cocinar con lo que tienes en la nevera y/o te apetece, comer rico y saludable, te ayudo a preparar un menú, adaptado a ti... Me encanta cocinar y me gusta reutilizar todo lo que muchos darían por perdido. Te acompaño a crear ideas comestibles...

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Sauerkraut making

I can show you how to make this  delicious healthfood from cabbage Come and make it, or watch. It's fun to work together. Allow 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Bring a cabbage, about 1 kg or more, pink salt, chopping board, knife, wooden spoon, 1 litre jar and lid.

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Yummy cheesecakes

My cheesecakes are world famous in Ashburton, so my friends say.   You don't need a special occasion to eat one.

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Babysitting or supervising older childen

Not all children think they need to have a baby sitter, but I am happy to offer this service to parents. I would prefer it if younger children could be in bed if it is an evening but I am happy to put them to bed if they are comfortable in the company of strangers. As a registered teacher I am police cleared  for working with children and young people. So, if you need to attend an appointment, have a hot date or just need to get the shopping in, give me a call. Please give me as much notice as possible in case I am teaching or attending meetings.  

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Home Performance Advice

Currently certified as a Level 2 Home Performance Assessor with the Community Energy Network.  Would be happy to provide advice on Home Performance through Dunedin/Otepoti TimeBank. Home Performance Assessors are committed to providing accurate and impartial advice on energy and resource use and efficiency in the home with a view to raising the comfort and quality of life of Kiwis at home. Feel free to contact me for further information.Need to allow 2 - 6 hours for a full home assessment including preparing a report and travel time, shorter time for looking at specific areas. May be a transport cost depending on location.

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preparacion de comidas

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Hāwera: Free printer with an issue to fix

I have a Epson L3B5 printer. It's about four years old. The black ink appears to be blocked. The other colours do print. If you can fix it, you can have print it!  The printer is at Patina's place. Contact her at (021) 278-1246 to pick up. Thank you!   Linda

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Sth Taranaki. Childrens car seat installs or checks by Qualified Car Seat Technician

Kia Ora  I'm a qualified car seat technician and am super passionate about keeping little ones as safe as possible while traveling on the road. I'm more than happy to share my tips and tricks, check the install of your current car seat, or help you install new seats. I can meet you at your place or you can come to me in Hawera. 

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Air conditioning/ Heat pump - North Taranaki

Heat pumps, installation and service available. Heat pump installation: I can help with choosing the right capacity you need for your space. The installation takes usually 5-8 hours. Within those hours I will provide all the tools required and finish the installation. Extra expenses related to installation on top of the work hours: indoor and outdoor units - $1000-3000 (can be pursued by you separately) electrical cable, cooper pair coil, plastic fittings, vehicle mileage - $300-500   Heat pump service: Cleaning filters, cleaning the coil, checking for functionality, checking the drain, checking the electrical connections All done in 1 hour, with no extra costs in New Plymouth, Bell Block, and Waitara. Mileage fees may apply to other areas.

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Online or Hāwera: Papakāinga Planning 101

Are your whānau curious or very interested in exploring setting up a papakāinga? Or have you heard of papakāinga but don't really know what's involved, and would like to learn more?  My whānau developed a papakāinga near Hāwera and have been living there the past 12 years. We are just embarking on a journey of renovation and potentially adding more kainga at our settlement. I'm chair of our whānau trust and very involved in coordination of our whānau activities. I recently attended the National Māori Housing Conference and learned a lot about what assistance is out there for whānau embarking on developing their papakāinga. There is more assistance available than first appears. Let me share tips so you can learn from my/our lessons over the years. Can do online or in person here in South Taranaki. If my whānau agree, I might be able to arrange a site visit. Maybe you are not interested in developing a papakāinga, but would like to know more, cool - happy to share my experience and if I can persuade my whānau, there is a chance there could be a possible site visit.

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TOM: Hāwera: Learn to make preserves including for diabetics

For many years I have made pickles and bottled fruit for diabetics. Let me show you how to make sugar-free preserves that taste wonderful. You choose what you want to learn, purchase the ingredients and I'll come to your place and work with you to make the preserves.  I can also show you how to make non-diabetic preserves too. I prefer day time, mornings are easier.  Linda.          

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Bowen Technique- Hawera

I am offering a free first session with the Bowen Technique and subsequent sessions at half the usual price for TimeBankers, which is $25 instead of $50. In case you are not familiar with what the Bowen Technique is and what it does here's a brief explanation: Bowen Therapy Bowen Therapy is a light touch therapy that works on specific points on the body, thus stimulating the body's own healing mechanism, activating the immune system and addressing issues around circulation and assists in re-aligment of the body. This extra-ordinary healing modality which Tom Bowen developed in the 60's achieved unprecedented international acclaim due to of it's often instantaneous and lasting results. During a treatment people experience a deep state of relaxation and it is common for people to fall asleep while their body is in healing mode. After a treatment problems that can range from recently sustained injuries to chronic aches or pains significantly diminish or completely disappeared. Feelings of clarity and improved energy, increased libido, better co-ordination, reduced pain and swelling are commonly reported I trained in the UK in 1993 and have practiced since. I also trained in Equine Bowen Therapy and am able to help with horses and other animals. There is a different rate for horses and dogs, but happy to do half price rate for horse $50 and $25 for dog.. Because I have to come out for horses travel expenses need to be covered by  horse/dog owner. This is a standalone offer for TimeBank hours that carries no expectation or obligation for follow-up treatments or services.  Members interested in further treatments or sessions beyond this one time offer, can make arrangements with the provider outside of TimeBank trades. If the recipient feels pressured, at any point, to take up paid services, they are to contact the main coordinator immediately. If a service provider wants reimbursement for expenses or supplies, that must be clearly communicated in the offer, and agreed upon, BEFOREHAND.    

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Dog Coats - Hawera

I make coats for dogs! Contact me to discuss fabric and sizing.  1+ hour per coat depending on farbic/size.

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Breastfeeding Support - Hawera

Hi  I have completed a course in breastfeeding peer support, and have been breastfeeding all 4 my own children. Happy to chat to you and support you in anyway. If anything is above my knowledge and training I have contacts with further knowledge whom I can talk to or get to visit you all free of $. 

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Babywearing assistance - Hawera

Hi,  I help run babywearing south taranaki and have been wearing my own children for over 5yrs now.  I'm happy to help you understand the world of babywearing, show you tips and tricks, plus ways to get both you and your child more comfortable. I can also help you access our large library of lending carriers. 

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TOM Preserving Fruit/Veg - Hawera

I can use your produce to create delicious relish, sauce or preserves using your or my own recipes. Am happy to do this for you or with you! Can travel. 

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Whole food cooking - can teach with dairy-free, grain-free, refined sugar-free, vegan, raw, garden to plate

I like to create, cook and experiment with real food, whilst making things simple and achievable for people to do in their own homes. My style is whole food, plant based, seasonal garden to plate. I can help those with allergies, health conditions or just folk who like tasty nutritious food!  

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I've previously worked with children both pre-schoolers and school aged children, I enjoy taking them on adventures and helping them discover the world! As well as previously running holiday programmes and children's beach education sessions I also have advanced first aid and am a surf lifeguard.   Happy to head out for a walk/play or to hang out with them at your house :) Get in touch if you might be interested in meeting up with me to see if I might be able to help out while you have some down time/ date night/ perhaps clean the house without interruptions! 

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