Puc fer petites reparacions també en electrònica

Help at Home electricitat bricolatge electrònica petites reparacions a la llar


Puc fer petites reparacions meàniques, i transport amb el meu cotxe

Help at Home bricolatge mecànica , transport Cotxe


Puc fer petites reparacions, inclós tema elèctric

Help at Home bricolatge electricitat petites reparacions a la llar

Optimitzar i entendre la contractació amb la companyia elèctrica

Ensenyar a interpretar els diferents conceptes administratius o de consum de la factura elèctrica. Estudiar els consums i optimitzar el tipus de contracte amb la companyia distribuïdora d'electricitat en funció de la instal·lació i les necessitats reals de l'usuari.

Help at Home electricitat



Help at Home cuina


cuina colombiana i espanyola

Help at Home cuina


Puc anar a comprar, ajudar en tasques diverses com la neteja i varis NOMÉS puc els mesos d´hivern, el estiu NO puc

Help at Home neteja llar


Arreglar mobles, persianes, portes. Panys lampisteria bàsica, fusteria

Help at Home bricolatge petites reparacions a la llar


Puedo hacer pequeños arreglos de bricolage

Help at Home tasques domèstiques llar bricolatge

Reparaciones sencillas de casa

Pequeños trabajos de bricolage, colgar un quadro, una lámpara, canviar fluorescentes o bombillas, etc.

Help at Home bricolatge

Cosir i fer patrons

Help at Home

Tasques domèstiques

M'ofereixo per fer petites reparacions com a electricista. També puc acompanyar a comprar o al metge en cotxe, de forma puntual.

Help at Home tasques domèstiques electricitat Cotxe acompanyament petites reparacions a la llar taxi

Tasques domèstiques

M'ofereixo per fer petites reparacions de bricolatge.

Help at Home petites reparacions a la llar

Tree removal

If you have a small tree that you don't want I can cut it down for you. Anything upto about 5m tall depending on location.

Help at Home Garden

New Plymouth errands using my bike! :)

Kia ora! If you have some difficulties getting around town, I'm happy to run some errands for you with my bike! My only requirement is I have limited space on my front rack. I can pick up about a big shopping bag. It would be also ideal to pick up vegetarian friendly-food! :) Get in touch if I can help!

Help at Home Cycling Errands / Shopping New Plymouth

Regar les plantes

Help at Home plantes

Group offer

Classes per aprendre a cuinar receptes vegetarianes.

Help at Home salut Benestar classe cuina vegetariana

Waverley - Errands

Need something picked up or dropped off, I travel daily for work if you need anything in Whanganui.

Help at Home Errands / Shopping pick up

Relief milking (hand milking or machine) for smallholders

I am happy to offer relief milking for those on lifestyle blocks or smallholders to allow weekend get-aways or short holidays. I have experience milking goats, sheep and cows.

Help at Home

Interior Decorating on a Budget

I was professionally trained as a colour consultant and I love decorating interiors, based on the knowledge of the colour wheel and how colours interact with each other. I just love decorating and would love to help others. I moved to Rangiora 5 years ago, decorated my own home, and now have moved to another home in Pegasus which is a work-in-progress but it is coming along nicely. The colour schemes are based on a big paintings I have. I have saved costs on furnishings by recycling, repainting and buying second-hand. Colour, design and lighting should all work together. They highlight and complement each other. I believe in expressing yourself and your family and having the things you love around you, which may result in a very individual style; not necessarily a cookie-cutter modern style. It does not need to be static either. It can evolve as your family grows and develops and your lifestyle requirements change. So call me and we can have some fun exchanging ideas about colouring and decorating your home. Michelle

Help at Home Help at Home

Netejar i cuinar

M'ofereixo per ajudar-te en les tasques domèstiques i a cuinar per tu.

Help at Home cuinar netejar

Group offer

We all get overwhelmed with our possessions and sometimes when a non judgemental bright smile walks through the door, with enthusiam and experience who can work with direction, you can take a deep breath and see your way forward. Get back to me if i can help.

Help at Home kaitaia Health & Wellbeing health Help At Home

Paleta i petites obres

M'ofereixo per a fer arranjaments d'obra en general. Petites reformes i arranjaments. No tinc coneixements de fontaneria ni d'electricitat, només de paleta.

Help at Home reparacions domèstiques bricolatge paleta casa

Organització i/o buidatge de pisos i traster

Help at Home organitzar buidatg

Organització del temps i de la llar

Help at Home