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Lost book of herbal remedies; Over 300 pages with colour photos. Packed full of information on each herb, identification, uses, how to make tinctures, teas, poultices etc And a list by ailment of which herb to use. Recently purchased this fantastic book in physical & e-book format, which is just too good not to share! Also purchased their 22 other bonus e-books, which are shorter but great info. Happy to share the main book for 1 hour time credit or full set for 2 hours. Have saved in google docs so I can send you the link for access & download Other bonus books include; Lost book of youth; Book of lost energy; World cures; Disease prevention; Superfoods; Preserving food naturally; Lost garden of Eden; Autoimmune protocol; Medicinal garden; Disaster medicine guide; Essential medical guide wilderness survival; Survival herbal remedies; Herbal dispensary; Purify & store clean water; Household items with first aid uses; Natural healing secrets of native Americans; Fighting chronic diseases with paleo foods; Pet emergency preparedness; Practical pandemic preparedness; Modern meds stockpile; Medicine side effects; How to survive a hospital stay

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