Eco and Permaculture Design - urban, rural, school, community groups, bio regional scale

Site assessment visits, 1 - 2 hours with you discussing your ideas, reading the landscape and your situation


Simple concept sketches to more complex designs, your project stages, budgets etc


Garden design focusing on edible landscapes, annual gardens, orchard and food forest areas, small animal systems

Far North tree recommendations; timber, fruit, nut, shelter, natives, flowering hedgerows, best species, varietys, propagation info 

Fruit tree pruning for natural form and high yield

Native environments, stream care

Weed action, strategies; organic and large scale options

Perennial edible plant material available

Bioregional whole landscape scale, landcare Kaitiakitanga in action


Building and renovation ideas - simple, practical Far North living, solar design, earth building methods, eco design


Hosting interested people at our place for an hours tour through to live-in working experience 


Permaculture whole property design - low-maintenance and energy saving, smart access layout, driveways, water, energy, building sites, budgets

Learnscaping environmental school projects - practical collaborative student, teacher and community design and implementation 


I am passionate about creating harmonious and productive spaces to enjoy living and working in. I have over 30 years practical experience and offer Eco and Permaculture Design for small urban sections to large land areas. Give me a ring to discuss your project.

This Offer belongs to Tai Tokerau Timebank.