Environmental Weed Control Work

The Staveley Camp forest has a number of invasive weeds, many of which (notably contoneaster) are altering the fundamental structure of the forest. Where areas of the forest have been cleared of contoneaster it is obvious that this weed, when established, prevents the growth of any other species.

Work to control the weeds is continuing in the Staveley Forest on a weekly basis and we would love your help! We use hand tools (loppers, secateurs, hand saws) and gel herbicide in a method known as 'cut and paste'. The work can be quite hard and heavy, but you can work at your own pace and there is no pressure to meet KPIs!

The location is beautiful and you get to hang out with the birds and the bush.

We can provide all the tools, gloves and protective eyewear, although if you have your own LEATHER work gloves (many of the weeds are spikey) bring these. Strong shoes and work clothes a must. Bring your own lunch or take a break at the Staveley Store just down the road :-)

If you can make your own way to Staveley Camp and would like to spend some hours/days/years! helping clear weeds, please get in touch to arrange a time that suits us both.

gen de spa

0211 345 802

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