Interior Decorating on a Budget

I was professionally trained as a colour consultant and I love decorating interiors, based on the knowledge of the colour wheel and how colours interact with each other. I just love decorating and would love to help others. I moved to Rangiora 5 years ago, decorated my own home, and now have moved to another home in Pegasus which is a work-in-progress but it is coming along nicely. The colour schemes are based on a big paintings I have. I have saved costs on furnishings by recycling, repainting and buying second-hand.

Colour, design and lighting should all work together. They highlight and complement each other. I believe in expressing yourself and your family and having the things you love around you, which may result in a very individual style; not necessarily a cookie-cutter modern style. It does not need to be static either. It can evolve as your family grows and develops and your lifestyle requirements change.

So call me and we can have some fun exchanging ideas about colouring and decorating your home.


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