Online or Hāwera: Papakāinga Planning 101

Are your whānau curious or very interested in exploring setting up a papakāinga?

Or have you heard of papakāinga but don't really know what's involved, and would like to learn more? 

My whānau developed a papakāinga near Hāwera and have been living there the past 12 years. We are just embarking on a journey of renovation and potentially adding more kainga at our settlement. I'm chair of our whānau trust and very involved in coordination of our whānau activities.

I recently attended the National Māori Housing Conference and learned a lot about what assistance is out there for whānau embarking on developing their papakāinga. There is more assistance available than first appears. Let me share tips so you can learn from my/our lessons over the years.

Can do online or in person here in South Taranaki.

If my whānau agree, I might be able to arrange a site visit.

Maybe you are not interested in developing a papakāinga, but would like to know more, cool - happy to share my experience and if I can persuade my whānau, there is a chance there could be a possible site visit.

This Offer belongs to Taranaki Timebank.